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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0901.txt
Daylight Saving Time
NYPD Blue Kills Boro Park Jew
Prisoner Agreement Expected Before Albright Arrives Launches Internet-Based Radio Station newsletter: 9fax0902.txt
Palestinian-Israeli Talks Have Broken Off
AJC: Khalid Muhammad's Hate Not Welcome
More Jews to be Arrested in Iran
Minister Calls for Abolition of Religious Law in Israel
ZOA Criticizes Clinton for Freeing Terrorists newsletter: 9fax0903.txt
Hizbullah Renews Threat to Attack Israel
Albright Stews in Israel
Sheinbein Pleads Guilty in Plea Arrangement
IDF Would Take Command if Earthquake Shakes Israel
Galilee Kibbutz Campers Dress Up As Nazis newsletter: 9fax0907.txt
Mubarak Wounded in Assassination Try
Israeli Arabs Arrested in Connection with Car Bombings
Albright Won't Meet Mom of US Teen Murdered by Terrorists newsletter: 9fax0908.txt
Pork and Non-Kosher Meat Sales Increase by 30 Percent
Palestinian Prisoners Prepare for Release
PLO Authority Takes Over Much of Eastern Jerusalem newsletter: 9fax0909.txt
200 Prisoners to be Released Thursday Morning
Israel-Arab Expert Warns of "Storm on the Way" newsletter: 9fax0910.txt
Palestinian Authority Forbids Wedding Gunshots
IDF Instructor: Druze Citizens Endanger Israel
Chabad Launches "The Complete High Holidays" newsletter: 9fax0913.txt
Israel's Population Increase
10th Israeli Arab Arrested in Hamas Terrorist Conspiracy
Senior Police Commander: Attacks Thwarted
Egyptian Gov't Newspaper: Murder All American Jews newsletter: 9fax0914.txt
Web Site Dedicated to Struma Tragedy
Final Talks Start Between Israel and PA
Shotgun Flown Into Israel Undetected newsletter: 9fax0915.txt
Haaretz: Barak Won't Dismantle Nukes
Disney Acquiesces to Arab League Pressure
Sharansky Moves to Eliminate Sabbath Laws in Tel Aviv
State Department Whitewashes Arafat's Persecution of Christians newsletter: 9fax0916.txt
Shanghai Synagogue Active After 50 Years
Netanyahu Questioned by Police
Syria Close to Deploying "Super Scuds""
Y2K Problem is Solved at Hebrew University
Israel Compromises Security Demands for Safe Passage Roads newsletter: 9fax0917.txt
PFLP Second-in-Command Returns to PA
Dana International Fined for Assault
Jews Prepare for Yom Kippur
Timely Tips For An Easy Yom Kippur Fast newsletter: 9fax0921.txt
EMS Treats 1,666 persons on Yom Kippur
Jordan's King Abdullah Calls Jerusalem "Occupied"
Poll: Arabs Oppose Jerusalem as Israeli Capital
Women to Serve in Combat Units in 2000
Dog Owner Sues Israel Electric and Tel Aviv Municipality newsletter: 9fax0922.txt
Yom Kippur Service on the Temple Mount
Barak's Trip to Germany Draws Fire
Arab-American Says US Election May Hurt Mideast Peace newsletter: 9fax0923.txt
Barak Visits Sachsenhausen
Poll: Many Russians Are Anti-Semitic
Albright Meets With Syrians
Disney Boycott Is On Once Again newsletter: 9fax0924.txt
Israeli Physicians to Quake-Stricken Taiwan
Arafat Addresses the U.N.
Reform Marriage Takes Place in Beersheva
Jakob the Liar newsletter: 9fax0927.txt
Albright: Israel's Presence on Golan is Dangerous
Preparations Under Way for Oct. 1 Safe-Passage" Opening
Israel's Settlement Policy Criticized
Russian Pilot Almost Lands on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway newsletter: 9fax0928.txt
PA Seeks Control of ALL of Jerusalem
Jordan Cracks Down on Hamas
Arab-Israeli Militants Under Surveillance newsletter: 9fax0929.txt
Israel Admits Training Guards at Lebanese POW Prison
Teacher Can't Stand to Look at a Student
Israel's Bedouin (Part One) newsletter: 9fax0930.txt
Albright: Iran Won't Execute Jews
Israel Calls for Resumption of Stalled Syrian Peace Talks
Israel's Bedouin (Part Two)
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