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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 3, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 164

Hizbullah Renews Threat to Attack Israel

By IsraelWire

Senior Hizbullah officials, Thursday, renewed threats to attack Israel following the death of Lebanese civilians by shelling that was launched Wednesday by Israel-allied SLA troops. The SLA attack was in response to earlier Hizbullah mortar attacks.

Albright Stews in Israel

By Kyle King (VOA-Jerusalem)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has taken her latest round of Middle East peace diplomacy to Israel, where she immediately went into talks with Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The Secretary went directly to the Israeli Prime Minister's office after a late night flight from Alexandria and a series of meetings with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Egyptian officials.

A senior US official involved in the efforts to forge an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians said he could not predict an agreement would be completed by Friday. But the official said there was a serious effort by both sides, and there were not many issues left.

Albright arrived in the region as the Israelis and Palestinians deadlocked in their efforts to forge a deal to implement the stalled Wye River land-for-security deal they signed last October.

US officials say it is possible the Secretary will make an unscheduled return trip to Egypt, where some reports say a signing ceremony could take place in the coming days at the resort town of Sharm al Sheikh.

Sheinbein Pleads Guilty in Plea Arrangement

By Meredith Buel (VOA-Jerusalem)

In a criminal case that has caused an international uproar, American teenager Samuel Sheinbein has confessed in an Israeli court that he murdered an acquaintance in the United States.

As part of a plea bargain, 19-year-old Sheinbein confessed to murdering Alfredo Tello in Maryland in 1997 and cutting up the body with an electric saw. An Israeli District Court judge in Tel Aviv immediately convicted Sheinbein of premeditated murder. Sheinbein showed no emotion during the court proceeding.

Under the plea arrangement -- which must still be approved by the court -- Sheinbein could be sentenced to 24-years in an Israeli prison. He would be eligible for parole in 16-years and could be allowed out of prison for weekend furloughs after six years.

When details of the plea bargain were made public last week, prosecutors in the United States expressed outrage because they felt the deal was far too lenient.

Sheinbein fled to Israel shortly after the murder and the Israeli Supreme Court refused requests to extradite him. The court accepted Sheinbein's claim of Israeli citizenship because his father was born here.

IDF Would Take Command if Earthquake Shakes Israel

By IsraelWire

According to a book published by the IDF Home Front Command, in the case of a devastating earthquake in Israel, the IDF would take over from the police authority.

The book, "Principles for Care in a Major Disaster - Earthquake" was written on the assumption that Israel is located in an area of potential earthquakes. According to the book, in case of a major quake, the IDF would begin emergency call-ups of reservists. Every region would include a team, including a jurist and a police commander, in charge of identifying bodies.

The book, written in July 1994, claims that there is a reasonable chance that Israel could undergo widespread destruction caused by an earthquake. The book states that there are many buildings not built according to proper standards that would not withstand an earthquake.

The book outlines action to be taken in cases of building collapse; multiple dead and wounded; persons trapped under fallen buildings; damage to electricity, water, communications, fuel reserves, nuclear energy plants, fires, floods, pollution of water sources, illnesses, and plagues. It also deals with pre-determined procedures, allotment of helicopters and reconnaissance planes, medical preparedness and more.

Galilee Kibbutz Campers Dress Up As Nazis

By IsraelWire

Northern Galilee residents were alarmed to see that two campers attending a camp in Kibbutz Naot Mordehai were dressed up as Nazi storm troopers.

Parents questioned the judgment of camp leaders who permitted campers to dress as Nazi officers. One of the residents even tried to damage an outfit belonging to one of the camp counselors, a 30-year-old resident of the kibbutz. She then filed a complaint with police which is how the story was uncovered.

The counselor did admit to police that the campers did dress up as part of their camp activities but she did not explain how she came to permit them to mimic Nazi soldiers.

Kiryat Shmona police report the entire camp incident is under investigation. A senior police official stated, "It is bizarre how a counselor can file a complaint over damaged clothing but the same person sees nothing wrong with permitting her campers to dress up as Nazi soldiers."

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