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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0802.txt
Clinton Won't Address UN Session on Yom Kippur
Barak Leaves for Russia
Israeli Law May Not Apply to West Bank/Gaza Residents
Israeli Web Site Hosts Hackers Trying to Penetrate Pentagon newsletter: 9fax0803.txt
Barak Asks Russia to Help Obtain Release of Iranian Jews
Barak Meets With Yeltsin
IDF Chief Warns of Syrian Surface-to-Surface Missiles
Police Expel Students From End-of-Year party newsletter: 9fax0804.txt
Operation Succeeds On 6-Year-Old Born Without Vocal Chords
Water Strike Hits Israel's Faucets
Hebron Shooting Update
Attack Against Arafat by Syria's Defense Minister
Begin Was Willing to Forfeit Entire Golan Heights newsletter: 9fax0805.txt
A Look Back in Time
Hebron Is Sealed Off After Jews Are Attacked
Political Pitfalls Await Pope's Mideast Pilgrimage newsletter: 9fax0806.txt
15 People in One Car in Jerusalem
Barak Names Arab Israeli as Deputy Foreign Minister
Holocaust Insurance Money Resolved
Assad Assures Clinton That He's Interested in Peace
Students: Cancel Appointment of Rabin's Granddaughter newsletter: 9fax0809.txt
How Many Ways Can You Say "Thank You?"
Arafat Changes His Mind About Peace Accord Starting Date
Trade Sanctions Possible Against CD-Pirating Israel
Unveiling of Disney Millennium Village newsletter: 9fax0810.txt
Israel Works on Plan for Voluntary Arab Military Service
Albright Postpones Israeli Trip
Immigrant Family Must pay NIS 6,900 for 4 Jewish Agency Beds
500 Closed Circuit Cameras Set for Jerusalem's Old City
Muslim Boycott of Burger King newsletter: 9fax0811.txt
30 People Riding in a Ford Van
Terrorist Crash Kills One Soldier, Injures 12
Palestinians Declare State of Emergency for Eclipse
Attorney General: Eichmann Transcript Will Be Released newsletter: 9fax0812.txt
Hints of Anti-Semitism
Eclipse Brings Arabs and Jews Together
New Jewish History Center newsletter: 9fax0813.txt
Soldier's Citizenship is Reinstated
American Jews Urged to Make Emergency Aliyah
Arafat Rejects Israeli Wye River Proposal by Meredith Buel (VOA-Jerusalem)
Qatar Welcomes Israeli Handball Team
Burger King Works to End Planned Boycott
Muslim Baby Named for Rabbi Kaduri newsletter: 9fax0816.txt
PA Claims 6,000 Jerusalem Buildings
Iraq is One of Barak's Top Priorities
Aryan Nations Leader Praises Furrow
Chabad Nixes Stamp Commemorating Lubavitcher Rebbe newsletter: 9fax0817.txt
Russian Journalists for Political Hire?
Foreign Ministry Suspects Iranians Destroyed Jewish cemetery
Internet Hate Sites newsletter: 9fax0818.txt
Long Island Congregation Beth Chai Targeted
Peace Talks Under Way at King David Hotel
Barak Planning for a Pre-Final Status Agreement
"I Am Unable to Feed My Children" newsletter: 9fax0819.txt
Prisoner Negotiations Continue
Trial Begins for 13 Iranian Jews
"Buzz" Not Authorized by Police
Uprising Remembered After 56 Years newsletter: 9fax0820.txt
Talks Stand Still Over Prisoners
Israel Sends Field Hospital to Turkey
Two Soldiers Sustain Irreparable Eye Damage From Eclipse
Simon Wiesenthal Center: More Eichmann Documents newsletter: 9fax0823.txt
Israel Earthquake Rescue
Star of David Banned by Mississippi School Board newsletter: 9fax0824.txt
Israelis Rescue 3-Year-Old Boy
Earthquake May Rock Turkish Government
PA-Israel Agree on Safe Passage and Port
Arafat Gives Killer of Israeli Policeman its Highest Award
Gravestone Placed on Wrong Grave newsletter: 9fax0825.txt
IDF Gets Tough on Sunglasses
U.S. Teenager Pleads Guilty to Murder
Palestinians Will Demand Right of "Return"
Reform Leader Says Western Wall is Not Holy
Future Earthquake in Israel Appears a Near Certainty newsletter: 9fax0826.txt
Israel's Queen Bees Shipped to Arab World
Coalition Wants Independent Observer at Iranian Jews' Trial
Burial Society Strike: Mayor Breaks Into Cemetery
IDF Field Hospital in Turkey newsletter: 9fax0827.txt
Internet Strike Tonight
Peace Now: Settlements are Obstacles
Sheinbein Plea Bargain Defended newsletter: 9fax0830.txt
Ericsson Recalls Employee for Wife's Anti-Semitic Remarks
Palestinian Official Denies Holocaust
Jews Plan to Boycott Burger King
Barak: Wye Will Be Implemented
Gaddafi Calls for Dual State
"Buzz" Big Hit at Convention Center newsletter: 9fax0831.txt
Burger King Boycott?
Tehran Times Reports Trial of Jews will Proceed
Sharp Increase in Down's Syndrome Births
Customs Nab Man with 10 Scorpions, 182 Snakes and 25 Frogs
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