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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 25, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 157

IDF Gets Tough on Sunglasses

Israel Faxx Staff Report

With an increasing array of colored sunglass frames, the IDF is trying to formulate a new regulation that will order soldiers only to wear glasses with black or brown frames. Following a request by inductees that they be permitted to wear sunglasses, the IDF has decided to set new guidelines which govern the glasses for all members of the military. Glasses, which are deemed 'bizarre,' even if their frames are black or brown, will also be barred.

U.S. Teenager Pleads Guilty to Murder

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Samuel Sheinbein, the subject of a 17-month extradition battle between U.S. and Israeli authorities, agreed yesterday in Israel to plead guilty to the Maryland murder of Alfredo Tello.

Sheinbein, 19, is expected to enter a guilty plea Sept. 2 in a Tel Aviv court and will be sentenced to 24 years in an Israeli prison. Last month, Sheinbein pleaded not guilty to killing 19-year-old Tello, whose burned and dismembered body was found in a garage near Sheinbein's home on Sept. 18, 1997.

Sheinbein fled to Israel several days later, claiming citizenship through his Israeli-born father. Israel declined to return the teenager to the United States for trial.

Sheinbein will be eligible for parole in 16 years and will be able to leave the prison on weekend furloughs in six years. However, once he is freed, he could still be arrested and charged with first-degree murder if he tried to enter the United States or any country that belongs to Interpol.

Sheinbein's father, Sol, who is living in Israel, faces obstruction of justice and hindering investigation charges in Maryland.

Palestinians Will Demand Right of "Return"

By Arutz-7 News Service

The Palestinians will demand the right of return of Palestinian refugees to Israel in the framework of the final-status talks. Terrorist leader Naif Hawatme said in Qatar that he and Yasir Arafat came to an agreement on this point during a recent meeting. He said many of the "refugees" lived in mandatory Palestine for two years or more before Israel's War of Independence.

Reform Leader Says Western Wall is Not Holy

By IsraelWire

According to Rabbi Yehoram Maoz, a leading figure in the Reform Movement, the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem is not holy and therefore, he would not chose the site for a bar mitzvah or other religious events.

Moaz explained there are other sites "no less holy than the wall" and he prefers to hold religious events at the alternative locations, which offer "peace and quiet." His remarks appeared in the first issue of the Betelem magazine entitled, "Is it important to pray at the Western Wall?"

According to Maoz, the wall was constructed by Herod in his efforts to expand the Second Temple and therefore, was not of significance as far as a holy site.

Maoz added that during the day, many worshipers congregate at the location to recite prayers that they have made holy for themselves. He equates with one praying at the wall to worshiping idols and has suggested that the Reform Movement in Israel chose an alternative site for its worshipers.

In response to the article, Rabbi Uri Regev of the Center for Progressive Judaism stated that abandoning the wall would be a mistake and interpreted as conceding defeat to the "ultra-Orthodox thugs" who seek to block alternative prayer services from the Western Wall.

Responding to the two alternative leaders, Minster of Health Rabbi Shlomo Benizri of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Shas Party stated, "Thank G-D that once again we see that the religion of the Reform followers is not the religion of the Jewish people. The Reform Movement once again has revealed it is not a member of the Jewish people but rather a separate religion. Truthfully, they have no place at the wall and should seek an alternative location [for their prayers]. Perhaps the Jerusalem Theatre."

Future Earthquake in Israel Appears a Near Certainty

By IsraelWire

In the wake of expert predictions that an earthquake would strike in Israel sometime in the future, the Knesset State Comptroller's Committee together with the Science Committee has started investigating the nation's level of preparedness.

According to the Ministry of National Infrastructure, the construction in Israel is adequate but the big question remains is, "Who is in charge?" According to Professor Yaakov Glick of the Technion University in Haifa, there is a lack of supervision of engineers and construction to ensure that everything possible is being done to limit damage in any future earthquake.

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