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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0701.txt
AJC: Insurance Companies Willing to Make Compensation
Coalition Government Complete
Pope to Make Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2000
Palestinians Looking at Tel Aviv Real Estate
Arab Man Accuses El Al of Discrimination
Spray for Angina Pectoris newsletter: 9fax0702.txt
JNF Working to Block Land Sale to PA in Tel Aviv
Mubarak and Clinton Pledge to Work for Peace
Likud Appears Left By the Wayside
El Al Must Compensate Arab Humiliated at Paris Airport newsletter: 9fax0706.txt
Kol HaSimha Will Transmit from Ramallah
Barak's Coalition Will be Presented to Knesset
High Court Rules 13-Year-Old Child Must be Returned to U.S.
Hizbullah Threatens to Launch Attacks from Within Israel newsletter: 9fax0707.txt
Hotel Liable for Peach Pit
Barak Sworn In As Prime Minister
Pope Pius Letter During Holocaust Shows He's No Saint
Iran Critical of US Position on Jewish Prisoners newsletter: 9fax0708.txt
Syrian Peace Talks on the Burner
Rabin Memorial Foundation Money Used in Barak Campaign
Bridegroom Runs & Brother Fills In
Arab Prisoner Complains: Tortured by Music newsletter: 9fax0709.txt
Mother of Imprisoned Iranian Jew Insists Her Son is Well
Barak Meets Today with Mubarak
Palestinian Citizenship for Israeli Arabs
Security Officials Prepare for Increased Terror Activity
High Court Supports Request for Gregorian Tombstone newsletter: 9fax0712.txt
First Lady Supports Israel's Claim to Jerusalem
Arafat, Barak Pledge Cooperation
Parents Marriage Annulled so Daughter Wouldn't Be a Bastard
Cancer-Ridden Boy Falls to Death
McDonald's Guilty of Employing Youths on Sabbath newsletter: 9fax0713.txt
Who Has Stolen the Air Conditioners?
U.N. to Discuss Alleged Israeli Human Rights Violations
Convicted Murderer: Victim Alive, Well in Tiberias Yeshiva
Collection of Jesus Coins Found newsletter: 9fax0714.txt
Barak Calls for Alertness to Prevent Terror Attacks
Barak Meets with King Abdullah
Leah Rabin Offered Israel's UN Ambassadorship
Netanyahu Offered Directorship of New Right-Wing Weekly newsletter: 9fax0715.txt
81-Year-Old Charged with Raping 70-Year-Old Blind Victim
Barak Meets Today with Clinton
U.N. Meeting Focuses on Alleged Israeli Human Rights Violations newsletter: 9fax0716.txt
Netanyahu Was Close to Deal with Syria
Incitement Against Christians on Internet Missionaries
NIS 35 for Military Exemption
Suspect in Moscow Stabbing Attack Admits Anti-Semitism newsletter: 9fax0719.txt
Man Fined for Killing and Eating a Dog
Israel Calls for a November 2000 Peace Consensus
Sharansky to Ease Immigration Process
Italian Court to Render Decision in Custody Battle newsletter: 9fax0720.txt
Hizbullah Vows to Continue Fight
Pollard in Ill Health
Security Officials Warn of Tourism 2000 Bug
Cult Suspected of Hanging and Burning Dog
Husband Sentenced for Cutting Wife's Hair with Razor Knife newsletter: 9fax0721.txt
Tisha B'Av
Arafat Scheduled to Meet with Palestinian Dissidents
Fundraising is Underway for Third Temple
Temple Mount Faithful Calls Upon Jews to Ascend to Temple Mount newsletter: 9fax0722.txt
Madonna Heading to Safed for Kabala Event
Barak Reportedly Agrees to a Golan Withdrawal
Clinton Telephones Arafat
PA Plans Tourist Resort in Gaza
Wakf Establishes Another Mosque Under Al Aksa newsletter: 9fax0723.txt
Barak Compared to Hitler
Hidden Camera in Computer Catches Wife in the Act
Bar-Ilan University Studies Viagra for Plants
El Al Gives Green Light to Arab Flight Crew Candidate
Former Terrorist to Bereaved Daughter: "Let's Forget the Past"
Cat and Bird Delay El Al Flight
15-Year-Old Hits Gas Pedal and Kills Dad newsletter: 9fax0726.txt
Passports Will be Valid for 10 Years
Barak, Peres and Other Israelis at King Hassan's Funeral
Vatican Blames Israel of Being Anti-Christian
Plane's Synagogue will Always Face Jerusalem newsletter: 9fax0727.txt
Bomb Discovered in Moscow Synagogue
Barak: Wye will be Implemented
Painting Looted by Nazis Turns Up in the Israel Museum
Burial Society Refuses to Erect Tombstone for 12-Year-Old newsletter: 9fax0728.txt
Barak Suggests Leasing Golan Heights From Syria
Barak Meets With Arafat at Gaza/Israel Border
Clinton Calls on Assad to Accept Israel's Peace Overture
Israel's New $300 Dolphin Sub Arrives
Consequences of Y2K for the Hebrew Sabbath newsletter: 9fax0729.txt
10 Passengers in a Fiat Punto
Palestinians Not Happy with Barak's Proposal
Jewish Graves in Ukraine Opened in Search for Gold Teeth
17-Year-Old Arrives in Hospital With Hammer Imbedded in Head
Husband Granted Divorce Because Wife Devoted to House Pets
Ultra-Orthodox Upset Over "Tarzan" Ads newsletter: 9fax0730.txt
Mekorot Plans to Dismiss Workers Older Than 52
Mubarak Agrees with Barak on Wye River Accord
Netanyahu Takes a Bite From the Big Apple
Shaath: "Barak Also Has Blood on His Hands"
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