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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 29, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 138

10 Passengers in a Fiat Punto

By IsraelWire

Police report that the 10 passengers in a Fiat "Punto" compact car may be a new national or even world record. A routine police patrol in Nazareth observed the car which appeared to be carrying more passengers than permitted by law. The police stopped the car and found five adults and five children inside. The driver, in her 30s, insisted she was unaware that she was violating any law by taking so many passengers.

Palestinians Not Happy with Barak's Proposal

By Deborah Tate (VOA-White House)

President Clinton has spoken with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak about their meeting Tuesday on the future of the Wye River peace accord.

Palestinian officials said they are not happy with Barak's new proposal to delay a withdrawal of Israeli troops from parts of the West Bank while speeding up talks on a final peace agreement. The Palestinian officials say Arafat told Clinton of his insistence that Israel implement the Wye accords with no modifications.

At the White House, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger says Barak assured Clinton he has every intention of implementing Wye if that is the desire of both parties. Berger notes there will be more discussions to determine the course of the peace process.

"There will be further meetings at a working level over the next few weeks, at which point we will have some decisions about whether we are going down the Wye road, or whether or not we are going down a road that has some modifications."

Clinton met with both Barak and Arafat Sunday in Morocco, where they were attending the funeral of King Hassan.

Jewish Graves in Ukraine Opened in Search for Gold Teeth

By IsraelWire

58 years following the slaughter of about 21,000 Jews by the Germans, local area residents are opening Jewish graves in search of gold teeth and jewelry.

Yitzhak Kleiner, a retired resident of Tel Aviv, born in the Ukraine area, visited his past last week and met with old friends. He was horrified when taken to the area where the local Jewish children were interred, seeing the fence was removed and the graves had been opened and bones of Jewish children were scattered about.

"After we recovered from the sight, we began to collect skulls and bones and return them to the graves. We only did part of the job because of the large amount of remains scattered about and because they warned us about local area residents," explained Kleiner.

17-Year-Old Arrives in Hospital With Hammer Imbedded in Head

By IsraelWire

A bizarre work accident left a 17-year-old critically injured Monday. A hammer, which fell from a Haifa scaffold, struck the teenager and became implanted in his skull.

The boy was looking at the construction site when a large hose struck a hammer, causing it to fall from a scaffold, striking the young man in his head leaving the claw imbedding in his skull. A paramedic unit transported the seriously injured teenager to the trauma unit of Rambam Hospital. Police investigating the accident reported that the laborers were not wearing hardhats as dictated by law.

Husband Granted Divorce Because Wife Devoted to House Pets

By IsraelWire

The Petah Tikvah Rabbinical Court has granted a motion for divorce to a husband who stated that his wife's love for dogs and cats has driven him away from the house.

The husband told the court that the 15 cats and dogs in the home have made his living there a nightmare, explaining the smell and the need to share his home with the pets has become an intolerable situation. Originally, the woman refused to accept the divorce from her husband, explaining to the court she only was raising five dogs and "a few cats."

The court came to the realization that the wife could not live without her pets and the husband was not able to tolerate the conditions at home as a result. The court therefore ordered the woman to accept the "get" document, granting the husband his request for a divorce.

Ultra-Orthodox Upset Over "Tarzan" Ads

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Maariv reports that billboards advertising the new Disney animated movie "Tarzan," showing the lead character clad only in a loincloth, have drawn complaints from some ultra-Orthodox Jews who say the ads are obscene.

The National Committee to Prevent the Publication of Obscenities in the Holy Land, which monitors advertising in Israel, is demanding that the Israeli company advertising the movie cover Tarzan up. Infrastructure Minister Eli Suissa said he had not seen the movie, but felt it negatively affected children.

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