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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 23, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 134

Barak Compared to Hitler

By IsraelWire

According to Yediot Ahronot, employees in the Golan Heights Committee offices in Katzrin, Tuesday, received six telephone calls comparing Prime Minister Ehud Barak to Adolf Hitler. The callers did identify themselves and Golan leader Avi Ze'ira stated he planned to turn the names of the callers over to police to investigate them. The callers stated that Barak was comparable to Hitler for his willingness to uproot Golan Heights residents from their homes.

Hidden Camera in Computer Catches Wife in the Act

By IsraelWire

A Haifa resident who suspected his wife was having an affair installed a hidden camera in their personal computer. His suspicions were confirmed when he caught his wife having a romantic relationship with the computer technician who installed the PC in their home. The couple is in their thirties and have children. With a video in hand, courtesy of the private investigator hired by the husband, the woman agreed to accept a "get," a religious divorce.

Bar-Ilan University Studies Viagra for Plants

By IsraelWire

Professor Yaakov Leshem of Bar-Ilan University admits the cost of the new plant therapy is too expensive to make its use a practical solution but was optimistic in the research which has taught scientists that the nitric oxide (NO), a main ingredient in male potency drug Viagra, also produces results in plant life.

Controlled studies indicated that one milligram of the impotency drug prevented flowers from wilting for one week longer than those without the drug. Scientists pointed out the amount necessary was relatively low, adding a single pill used by males contains 50 milligrams of the drug.

Leshem also admits that research is too premature to understand what effects the drug may have on persons if ingested in fruits and vegetables, indicating that more extensive tests are required. Tests do indicate however that the drug would be broken down prior to being ingested and fruits treated with Viagra might not pose a health hazard.

El Al Gives Green Light to Arab Flight Crew Candidate

By IsraelWire

El Al has announced it would be making a change in its policy, permitting an Arab candidate to attend its flight school. In a letter sent to Jabour Jabour's lawyer, the airline agreed to once again review the candidate's qualifications.

Jabour, an Israeli Arab, filed a discrimination suit to which the airline responded by saying the candidate failed the exam three times and his being rejected was not based on his being an Arab, but rather his inability to meet the standard. Despite the statement, El Al did admit that at present, there were no Arabs among the airline's more than 3,000 employees.

Former Terrorist to Bereaved Daughter: "Let's Forget the Past"

By IsraelWire

"Let's forget the past and open a new page, for the sake of our children" said Fauzi Nimer, who 30 years ago carried out a series of terrorist attacks in the Haifa area, on a videotape sent to Ahuva Levy.

Her mother, Rachel Lev, was killed by one of the exploding devices. Levy replied, "I can't forgive him, he didn't even express remorse for what he did." In October 1969 Haifa was rocked by a series of explosions. A PLO cell led by Nimer was responsible. In the worst of the explosions, Rachel Lev was killed and her husband and son were wounded.

Lev's daughter, Ahuva, is married to Rami Levy, the Likud deputy-mayor of Haifa. Levy met with Nimer, who now serves as the manager of the PLO Authority's official guesthouse. Nimer said he was sorry for every drop of blood spilled, both Arab and Israeli, but that in a war there are victims.

Cat and Bird Delay El Al Flight

By IsraelWire

As an El Al jumbo jet began taxing for takeoff from Ben-Gurion International Airport, a black cat was spotted in the coach section of the aircraft. The takeoff was aborted and the plane's door opened, permitting the black cat to taxi back to the airport runway.

As the plane was readying for takeoff once again, a bird was sucked into one of its engines, causing the pilot to hit the brakes again. An inspection of the aircraft indicated the engine was okay but technicians discovered problems with the brakes causing the passengers to change planes. Five hours following its scheduled departure, the plane took off for New York City with 390 passengers on board.

15-Year-Old Hits Gas Pedal and Kills Dad

By IsraelWire

In a tragic accident in the Galilee, a 15-year-old boy crushed his 59-year-old father to death when he took a drive in his father's car and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. The boy, from a village in the Lower Galilee, was trying to park the car, hit the gas, and crushed his father, who had been sitting by the wall of the parking area.The police arrested and questioned the youth and released him on bail.

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