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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 20, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 131

Hizbullah Vows to Continue Fight

By IsraelWire

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Hizbullah, stated that the planned peace initiatives by the new Israeli administration would not stop his guerilla forces from attacking Israeli and SLA targets. IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Oded Ben-Ami stated that Hizbullah has not "laid down its arms" and plans to continue its war against Israel.

Pollard in Ill Health

By IsraelWire

Jonathan Pollard's health is deteriorating as he serves a life sentence in a Butner, N.C. federal prison for spying on behalf of Israel.

Pollard was taken last week to Duke University Medical Center for a CAT-Scan. He continues to suffer from physical symptoms related to unbiopsied growths in his sinus cavities, and complains of nausea, dizziness and blinding headaches.

In an interview with Arutz-7, Pollard's wife Esther said that she was "disappointed and heartbroken that we have not had contact with the Barak government. We are hoping that this is a forgivable lapse, but we are flying in the dark at this point - and that is not fair after 14 years of incarceration on behalf of the State of Israel."

Mrs. Pollard also confirmed Binyamin Netanyahu's claim that in the hours prior to the signing of the Wye Accord, President Clinton executed a "double-cross" when he suddenly backed down on his explicit commitment to free Pollard in exchange for Netanyahu's signature on the Wye Accord.

Meanwhile, Middle East News Line reported that President Clinton "seems to have dismissed the effort of Prime Minister Ehud Barak" to win Pollard's release. MENL also reported that Barak will not seek Pollard's release, but rather a commitment from Clinton to reduce Pollard's sentence. Speaking on CNN's Late Edition Sunday, Barak stated he felt Pollard should be released and permitted to travel to Israel but disagreed with dealing with the sensitive issues at hand in the media.

Security Officials Warn of Tourism 2000 Bug

By IsraelWire

Senior officials in the security establishment have warned government leaders that preparations to host millions of expected Christian pilgrims in the year 2000 are seriously lagging and the event could develop into a catastrophe that would dwarf any expected problems developing from the Y2K computer bug.

The millions of expected tourists will begin arriving during the Christmas 1999 holiday season, with the majority traveling to holy sites under the control of Israel and the PLO Authority. Officials concur that the pilgrims will come during relatively small windows of time, creating a situation in which many persons will be arriving at site at the same time.

Security officials realize that many of the holy sites are unable to accommodate the anticipated number of visitors and the overcrowding may lead to a disaster. There is also a need for increased and more comprehensive cooperation between Israeli and PA security agencies.

Security experts add the situation, which will exist during the period when pilgrims are in the region, provides an opportune time and target for extremists to carry out a terror attack.

Police are also concerned over the Christian cult whose members feel they must commit suicide in Jerusalem in 2000. To date, over a dozen members of the cult have been tracked down in Israel and deported but it is feared that other cult members are currently in Israel, in hiding, awaiting the turn of the century.

Civil officials point out the nation's infrastructure, including Ben-Gurion International Airport, public transportation, hotels, medical facilities and other necessities are unprepared to accommodate the masses. The picture in autonomous areas under the control of the PA is even bleaker. There is no master plan that will provide a solution according to officials who acknowledge the potential for chaos but one thing is for certain, the millennium is approaching.

Cult Suspected of Hanging and Burning Dog

By IsraelWire

Police suspect youths have taken part in "Satan Cult" rituals of hanging and burning a German Shepherd. The dog was discovered by a citizen, hanging from a tree on a metal chain, partially burnt.

The investigators are checking the possibility that the animal sacrifice was done by youths who take part in "Satan Cult" rituals. Similar incidents have happened in the area in the past.

Husband Sentenced for Cutting Wife's Hair with Razor Knife

By IsraelWire

"I acted the way I did towards my wife because I love her and am crazy about her," stated a Mevaseret Tzion resident to police, explaining his actions over the past 25 years.

The 41-year-old woman told police she has suffered over her years of marriage but has always been too afraid to report events to police. Of late, she did get the courage to report to police that her 44-year-old husband has abused her for a quarter of a century. Investigators report the husband at times beat his wife without mercy and on occasion would cut her hair against her will.

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