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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0601.txt
Cabinet Told that "Unofficial Contacts" Existed with Syria
Barak Unsure About Coalition with Likud
Sunken Israeli Sub Found in Waters Near Cyprus newsletter: 9fax0602.txt
Eurovision 1999 a Success
Hizbullah Attacks SLA Withdrawal
Dakar May Have Collided with Freighter newsletter: 9fax0603.txt
TA Court Supports Living Will
Israel Abandons Anti-Missile Drone Efforts
Palestinians Plan to Protest Settlements newsletter: 9fax0611.txt
PLO Demands Israel Withdraw from Galilee
Assad Confidant in Israel
Iranian Jews Face Death if Convicted of Spying newsletter: 9fax0614.txt
Munich Massacre Organizer Won't be Allowed to Enter Israel
No Prize for "Excellent" Chabad School
Seven Hundred Ethiopian Families Making their Way to Israel
Israelis In and Around Kosovo newsletter: 9fax0615.txt
Arafat Compares "Israel Occupation" to Kosovo
Abu Daoud Case Arouses Abu Abbas Case
Meeting Plans Evacuation of Remaining Ethiopian Jews newsletter: 9fax0616.txt
Hillary Clinton Postpones Israel Visit
Palestinians Want All Or Nothing At All
Iran Says Spying Arrests Were Non-Sectarian
Attorney General Rules IDF May Not Use Corpses for Learning
Female Wardens for Male Prisoners
Israel's Richest and Poorest newsletter: 9fax0617.txt
PA Says No to Palestinians Working for Jews in Gaza
Man Hanged in Iraq for Baghdad Synagogue Attack
Jerusalem Officials Concerned About "Jerusalem Syndrome"
Brothers Admit Charges Against X-Ray Rabbi Were Fabricated newsletter: 9fax0618.txt
Lubavitcher Rebbe Remembered
Syria Says No to Arafat
British Firm Will Explore Israeli Seacoast for Oil
Baseball Bits newsletter: 9fax0621.txt
Woman in Serious Condition from Scorpion Sting
Embassy Will Stay in Tel Aviv
Haaretz: Iranian President Seeking Relations with Israel
Ramat Gan's Mayor Furious Over Waiting Line at Safari Park
Al Ahram Apologizes for Israel AIDS Story
Christian Leaders Arrive in the Holy Land newsletter: 9fax0622.txt
Gaza-West Bank Highway Wound Cost $2B
Hamas Planned to Poison Israeli Water Resources
Internet Hate Sites
El Al Welcomes Arabs
Wheelchairs and Cars newsletter: 9fax0623.txt
Boy Stabs Mother for "Insulting Him in Front of Friends"
Barak Invites Likud to Join Government
Buildings Uncovered in Gamla
Eida Hareidit Rabbinical Court Approves Internet newsletter: 9fax0624.txt
More Jews in Iranian Detention
Arabs Won't Sit Down with Israel at UN
Assad Calls Barak "Honest Man"
Thaw in Israeli-Iranian Relations?
PA Will Prevent Jewish Prayer at Machpelah Tombs newsletter: 9fax0625.txt
Israel Bombs Beirut Electrical substation
Arafat Orders Arrest of Fatah Dissidents
Ancient Ships Discovered off Israeli Coast newsletter: 9fax0628.txt
2 Children Dead, 47 Injured in Bus Accident
Netanyahu Reveals Clinton Double Cross on Pollard's Release
Weizman Calls for Golan Withdrawal
Residents of Northern Israel Want Attacks Stopped newsletter: 9fax0629.txt
Cat Chase on Flight to London
There Won't Be a Labor-Likud Coalition
Assad Invites Israeli Mayors
Aravah Bus Driver May Have Been Speaking on Cellular Telephone newsletter: 9fax0630.txt
Revised Palestinian Geography
Aravah Bus Driver Blinded by Oncoming Traffic
Soldier Was Subject of Discrimination
Coptic Christians Await the Millennium
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