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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0503.txt
Israeli Elections Two Weeks from Today
Rabbinical Court & Cellular Phone Find Get-Refuser
An Active Remembrance newsletter: 9fax0504.txt
Netanyahu Responds to Palestinian-Iranian Ties
PD and IDF Establish Anti-Virtual Terror Unit
Israel Returns Kindness to Daughter of "Righteous Gentiles"
Lag B'Omer newsletter: 9fax0505.txt
Hundreds Demonstrate in Hebron
Armageddon: Will It Happen This Year?
Christian Walkers Making Amends for the Crusades newsletter: 9fax0506.txt
PA Postpones Statehood Until July
Lt. Giardello Doesn't Skip His Prayers newsletter: 9fax0507.txt
Rabbi Arrested- Suspected in Kashrut Fraud
Orient House PLO Problem Comes to a Head
Woman Contracts AIDS from Unit of Blood
Increase in Number of Reform Marriages
Conservative Movement Says Piercing is Acceptable newsletter: 9fax0510.txt
Palestinians Threaten Israelis Over Orient House
Blind Woman Suing for Millions in Medical Lawsuit
Western Wall Follows Eiffel Tower in Tourist Popularity newsletter: 9fax0511.txt
PA Calls on Arab Nations to Use Phone Code
Palestinians Receive Orient House Ultimatum
Munich Olympics Massacre was PLO Operation newsletter: 9fax0512.txt
Bar Mitzvah - The Sequel
Supreme Court Blocks Orient House Closure
Sheinbein Trial Gets Under Way
Argentinean Court Blames Islamic Jihad for Terror Attacks
Physician Complains: "My Wife Brings Our Poodles to Bed" newsletter: 9fax0513.txt
Ben-Gurion Security Personnel Abandoned Post Over Work Dispute
PM's Rabbi Comes Under Fire
An Israeli Lexicon
Soldiers Marched 8 Hours With Rectal Thermometers in Place
Contaminated Baby Wipes newsletter: 9fax0514.txt
Barak Web Site Hides Poll Results
Three Days Until the Election
U.S. Conference on Nazi Slave Labor newsletter: 9fax0517.txt
440 lbs of Lox and 88 lbs of Red Caviar
Netanyahu vs. Barak
Hier Opposes Sainthood for Pope Pius XII newsletter: 9fax0518.txt
Labor's Barak Slaughters Likud's Netanyahu
Former Employee: Bezeq Cheated Broadcast Authority
Nearly Half of World's Jewish Children Live in Israel newsletter: 9fax0519.txt
Obituary - Geoffrey Wigoder
Barak Starts to Build Coalition
New York State High Court Rules Against Satmar Hasidim newsletter: 9fax0520.txt
Catering to Christian Pilgrims and other Millennium Visitors
Justice Department moves against Demjanjuk
Rabbi Ordained by Yeshiva University Says He is Gay newsletter: 9fax0521.txt
The Shavuot Holiday
Golan Heights: Going, Going...
Palestinians Will Call For Nov. 15 Declaration
Couple May Divorce Over Elections
15-Year-Old Faces Charges for Chocolate Theft newsletter: 9fax0524.txt
Shamir Voted with a White Slip for PM
Arafat Discusses Election with Mubarak
Netanyahu Plans to Retire from Politics
Moscow Jewish Theater Site of Attempted Terrorist Attack
Reform Jews Assaulted at Western Wall on Shavuot Holiday newsletter: 9fax0525.txt
Barak Receives 20,000 E-Mails Calling to Keep Shas Out
Labor Coalition Talks Under Way
Generali Gives Yad Vashem a List of Policy-Holders
Court Permits Jews to Pray on Temple Mount newsletter: 9fax0526.txt
Israel Students Build Candle Cars
Will Barak Snuggle with Likud?
AIPAC Says OK to Palestinian State
The Analyzer Trial newsletter: 9fax0527.txt
Earthquake Hit Israel Tuesday
Abdullah and Arafat Meet in Gaza
High Court Hears Appeal by 21 Imprisoned Lebanese
Senior Citizens Home Bans Employees from Speaking Russian newsletter: 9fax0528.txt
Absorption Minister Welcomes Kosovo Refugees
Netanyahu will Leave Active Politics -- Maybe
Palestinian Demonstration Stopped by Israeli Police
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