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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0405.txt
Arafat Joins Barak's Campaign
Israel will Send Field Hospital to Kosovo
Sharon: Balkan Situation May Repeat in Israel
Christians Celebrate Resurrection of Jesus
Saddam and South Africa newsletter: 9fax0406.txt
Burn Cases Result from Caustic Cleansers
Boulders Imported from Turkey
Municipality Files Criminal Case for Illegal Air Conditioner
German Made Submarine En Route to Israel
Temple Mount Faithful Driven Away from Mount
Israelis Buy 20 Acres in Jordan near Sodom and Gomorrah newsletter: 9fax0407.txt
Sharon: Muslim Control of Kosovo Could Threaten Europe
Nazareth Churches are Closed
Israel's Ambassador to South Africa Recalled
Baby Swap Lawsuit Follows 23 Years newsletter: 9fax0408.txt
Ambassador Calls Extramarital Relationship Proper
"Cellular Spying" newsletter: 9fax0409.txt
Decision to Absorb 100 Refugees from Kosovo
El Al Approaching its Jubilee Birthday
Celebrate the Millennium in Israel newsletter: 9fax0412.txt
Couple Breaks Kissing Record and are Hospitalized
CIA Lawyer Threatens anti-Semitism Lawsuit
France Moves for Demjanjuk Extradition newsletter: 9fax0413.txt
Expensive Ambulance Ride
Kosovar Muslims Arrive in Israel
Mubarak, Obuchi Say Arafat Should Delay Statehood
"March of the Living" Flight
Holocaust Memorial Day Begins in Israel newsletter: 9fax0414.txt
Synagogue Bans Ethiopian, Russian Jewish Children
Israel Remembers the 6 Million Who Died
South Africa Supports Palestinian State
Israel Aware Russia Continues to Supply Iran
13-Year-Old Abducted and Raped newsletter: 9fax0415.txt
Round Trip Airfare to Israel for $180
Sharon Declines to Support NATO
Israel Has New Longer Range Ballistic Missile newsletter: 9fax0416.txt
Remembering the Yamit Evacuation
Deri Sentenced to Four Years
Survey: 70% Support Public Transportation on Sabbath
"Special Delivery" -- Baby Born in Post Office
Woman Sues Husband for NIS 26 Million for Bigamy newsletter: 9fax0419.txt
Good News For Property Owners
Backgrounder: The Golan Heights
Message from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu newsletter: 9fax0421.txt
Islamic Jihad Plans to Use Chemical and
Israel's War Dead Remembered
New Extradition Law is Passed
Arafat Relative Sexually Assaulted newsletter: 9fax0422.txt
Ancient Menorah Found in Bet Guvrin Area
Mubarak Offers Support to Arafat
Dutch El Al Report to be Released newsletter: 9fax0423.txt
Baroness Rothschild Dies
Russian Foreign Minister Gets Golan Aerial Tour
Dutch Issue El Al Crash Report
Israel will Provide Jordan with Water
Astronaut Trainee Joined Celebrations newsletter: 9fax0426.txt
Arab Admits He Was Sent to Carry Out a Terror Attack
Palestinian Unrest is Threatened
Former Yeshiva Dean Indicted for Indecency
The Love of Ashkelon
8,700 Families Left Jerusalem in the Past Four Years newsletter: 9fax0427.txt
How Much Watermelon Can You Eat?
Clinton Suggests Extending Oslo Process
Old, Sick and Infirm Brought to Israel and Abandoned newsletter: 9fax0429.txt
Lifer Petitions High Court for Right to Die
Colorado Attacker Participated in Passover Seder
It's Israel's Version of Take an Indian to Lunch Week
High Court Orders Israel to Acknowledge Lesbian Adoption
Drugs Clog Toilet in Religious Council Office newsletter: 9fax0430.txt
Sephardic Tradition: Locusts are Kosher
Dybbuk-Removal Ceremony Arouses Broad Interest
The Ice Cream War
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