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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0301.txt
Four Israelis Killed in Southern Lebanon
Sheinbein Indictment Expected Monday
Purim Brings Palestinian Border Closure newsletter: 9fax0302.txt
Purim Food on the Move
Israel Awaits Hizbullah Response
Israel Refuses Entry to 9-Year-Old Child of PA Security Chief
Owner of Jerusalem Grocery Sells Store to Muslim for Shabbat
Hammer Shark off Ashdod Coast
Survey Reveals: 40% of Israelis Overweight newsletter: 9fax0303.txt
IAI Employees Pass-On Classified Data
Pediatricians Say Medical Benefits Don't Justify Circumcision
Father of Soldier Serving in Lebanon Requests to Take His Place
Jews and the World Wide Web newsletter: 9fax0304.txt
Terrorist Gets Life for Planning Subway Terror Attack
Netanyahu Rejects Postponing the Election
Police Prepare for Palestinian Statehood
Israelis Debate Sheinbein Extradition Case newsletter: 9fax0305.txt
Causes El Al Flight Out of the Sky
Israel Denies Reports of White House Phone Taps
Labor Allies with Centrist Parties
Water is Israel's Major Concern
Internet Chat with Netanyahu newsletter: 9fax0308.txt
Yad Vashem Expansion Approved
Lebanon First Accepts Then Rejects Israeli Withdrawal Proposal
Arab Child Expelled from Nursery School
Ethiopian Immigrants May be Stranded at Airport newsletter: 9fax0309.txt
3,500 Israeli Muslims go on Hadj
Chamish Calls for an End to Cover-up in Rabin Assassination
Four Rabbis Who Placed Rabin in "Rodef" Category
Church of John the Baptist Discovered newsletter: 9fax0310.txt
Synagogue Vandalized in Siberia
Israel Meeting with Turkey by Deborah Tate (VOA-Jerusalem)
Firebomb Attack Against Messianic Jews in Tiberius newsletter: 9fax0311.txt
Teens Die as Palestinian Police Open Fire
57% of Tel-Aviv Residents Do Not Feel Safe
Eurovision Plans Get Underway
Average Monthly Wage Rose 2.2% in 1998 newsletter: 9fax0312.txt
Vatican Opens Millenium Website
US Works to Prepare Bethlehem for Millenium
Matthew Bunson's "Prophecies: 2000" newsletter: 9fax0315.txt
PLO To Decide on Statehood Next Month
Is Syria Helping to Re-arm Iraq?
Jerusalem Will Remain Israeli
Arafat May Commute Death Sentence newsletter: 9fax0316.txt
Supermarket Defies Israeli Government
Barak Exonerated of Running From Danger
More Racism in the PA: Israelis Barred from Marathon
A Minyan on the Great Wall of China newsletter: 9fax0317.txt
Declaring the Hebrew Month of Nissan
Egyptian Bedouin Ask For Asylum
West Bank Village Joins the Internet
US Visitors Banned from Old City and Golan Heights newsletter: 9fax0318.txt
10% of the World's Cranes are in Israel
Shas Leader Guilty of Accepting Bribes
Senior Citizen Tied to Table
Hotels Abroad Full for Passover
Charlie Chaplin's Daughter Sues Lottery
Thousands of Dollars Nearly Went to Laundry newsletter: 9fax0319.txt
Bezeq Weighs One Nationwide Dialing Zone
MDA Refused Blood Donation from Ethiopian Soldier
Sharing of Water Leads to Israeli-Jordanian Dispute newsletter: 9fax0322.txt
Israelis Will Consume 8,000 Tons of Matza on Passover
Sheinbein Will be Charged with Murder
IDF Predicts Terror Attack on Army Base
Detective Falls into Sewer
Woman Raped in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives Cemetery newsletter: 9fax0323.txt
Air Force Chopper Opened Fire on Troops
Nation Braces for Large-scale Strike Before Passover
Arafat Calls on Clinton to Accept Palestinian Statehood
Arafat: "We're Ready to Fight"
Temple Mount Security Failures May Lead to "Serious Incident"
Seders in Tibet, Chile and Thailand newsletter: 9fax0324.txt
Jews Return to the Sinai for Passover
Sheinbein Trial Expected to Last a "Long Time"
Israeli Banned From Jerusalem
Netanyahu Thanks Arafat for Preventing Terror Attack
30% of Nobel Prize Winners in Medicine are Jews
Henry Ford Statue Stirs Talk of his Past newsletter: 9fax0325.txt
New Apartments for Jerusalem
Strike Impacts All of Israel
Ambassador Has "Intimate" Affair with SA Army Officer
Take Me Off Life-Support
Newest Israeli Export: the Kibbutz newsletter: 9fax0326.txt
Hamas Charity Offers Contributors Frequent Flier Points
Will Israel Have an Arab Prime Minister?
Viagra Defense Rejected by Court
20 Years Since Camp David newsletter: 9fax0329.txt
F-16 Crashes Near Ashkelon
Travelers Concerned about Airport Strike
Largest Seder in the World newsletter: 9fax0330.txt
Yad Vashem Launches Campaign for Holocaust Names
Iraqi-Serb Alliance Reported
Pre-Passover Strike Takes Toll on Passengers, Hygiene
Israelis Will Drink 16 Million Bottles of Wine newsletter: 9fax0331.txt
Israel Sends Aid to Kosovo
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