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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 31, 1999. Vol. 7, #63

Israel Sends Aid to Kosovo

By Arutz-7 News Service

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has condemned the Serbian slaughter of Albanians in Kosovo, but said that "Israel would not intervene in the political aspects of the matter." Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon refrained from expressing support for the NATO attack. He sufficed with a blanket condemnation of all "violence against innocents," and urged the renewal of negotiations. Defense Minister Moshe Arens announced that a planeload of humanitarian-aid supplies would depart Tuesday evening for the Albanian refugees.

Arutz-7's Haggai Segal spoke with Albert Ashkenazi, secretary of the Jewish Community in Belgrade. Ashkenazi said that the Jewish community in Budapest, Hungary, has agreed to provide refuge for several Belgrade families until the end of the war.

"Belgrade itself boasts a vibrant Jewish communal life," Ashkenazi explained, "including courses in Hebrew language and Saturday night lectures of Jewish interest. Each year, our synagogue hosts 200 people at our community Passover Seder, but tomorrow night, after services, we'll have to settle for something more symbolic -- because of the war. Despite the situation, our rabbi has ensured that basic supplies such as matzah and wine are available."

Passover Web Sites

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World's Largest Passover Site Debuts

By IsraelWire

The world's most comprehensive Passover site has been officially unveiled at the Lubavitch World Headquarters. includes hundreds of web pages chock full of Passover information from practical, how-to guides to deep mystical insights, video and audio clips and java games for the entire family.

Employing a variety of design styles, the site will include on-line features such as the full translated text of the Haggadah, Passover recipes, a Seder companion, day-by-day calendar, and glimpses of Passover celebrations around the world.

Video and audio clips include a guided tour through the process of matzo baking by hand, and traditional Passover Seder songs.

Passover, beginning this year on the eve of March 31, recalls the Jewish People's miraculous redemption by God from Egyptian slavery 3,311 years ago. God directed the Hebrews to leave hastily. The nation of a few million could not wait for their dough to rise so they ate unleavened bread.

To commemorate this miraculous exodus, Jews abstain from eating -- or even owning or benefiting from -- any leavened substance during the eight days of Passover.

On the first two nights (in Israel: only the first night) of the holiday a Seder (literally: Order) is held to commemorate the liberation from Egypt (and the celebration of the Paschal sacrifice offered and eaten in the times of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem). Seder requirements include eating Matzo, four cups of wine, bitter herbs (to recall the pain of the Egyptian enslavement), and recounting the exodus story.

"Throughout the world Lubavitch emissaries bring the holiday practice and joy to millions of Jews in a myriad of ways," said Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky at the Lubavitch World Headquarters. "We hope the Passover web site will further these efforts by helping visitors to delve deeper into the holiday -- and allow hundreds of thousands to learn about it for the very first time."

At the site's official launch, Krinsky stressed that the site was designed "with every Jew in mind. Young and old, scholars and laymen of all backgrounds alike will find the site informative and useful."

(According to Jewish law one may not use electronic devices during the first two and last two days of the eight-day holiday and the Sabbath.)

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