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>JN March 22, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 56

Israelis Will Consume 8,000 Tons of Matza on Passover

By IsraelWire

Manufacturers report that Israelis will consume no less than 8,000 tons of matza over the upcoming Passover holiday, beginning Wednesday night, March 31. A study by the Manufacturers Association indicated the average Israeli will consume 3.3 pounds over the holiday period. Prices vary from about NIS 36 for a 5.5 pound package of machine matzot to NIS 100 ($25) for a 2.2 pounds of hand shmura matza.

Sheinbein Will be Charged with Murder

By Ross Dunn (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel will charge a US Jewish teenager Monday with the brutal murder and dismemberment of another youth in the United States. The move follows a rejection by the Supreme Court to reconsider a US attempt to extradite the man for trial in Maryland.

Washington, Sunday, lost any hope of extraditing Samuel Sheinbein, 18, from Israel. He is suspected of murdering Alfred Tello, 19, in 1997 in suburban washington. The Israeli Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal to reconsider its ruling last month that as an Israeli citizen Sheinbein could not be forced to stand trial in the United States.

Following the decision, the justice minister announced prosecutors will issue charges against Sheinbein today in Tel Aviv District Court. He said there was no longer any doubt in his mind the murder trial could only be held in Israel.

The high court refused to budge on its ruling, despite an outcry from the victim's family and US judicial authorities, including Attorney General Janet Reno. Sheinbein, who was born and raised in the United States, gained Israeli citizenship through his father, who was born in what later became the State of Israel in 1948. The youth had never visited Israel before flying here in September 1997, three-days after Tello's burned and mutilated corpse was found in Maryland.

Sheinbein managed to avoid extradition through a 1978 Israeli law that holds it is wrong to hand over Jews to non-Jews for trial. A number of Israelis oppose the law. Among them is Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein who argues the country's citizenship laws are meant to help Jews return to their historic homeland, not to provide a haven for suspected criminals.

IDF Predicts Terror Attack on Army Base

By IsraelWire

Israel Defense Forces officials believe Arab terrorist organizations are planning an attack inside an army base somewhere in the center of the country, Haaretz reported.

The information is based on an incident at a military base two weeks ago, when a car with two passengers, bearing military license plates drove up to the base's gate. An armed and uniformed IDF "soldier" got out and requested entry into the base, but raised suspicions when the guards detected an Arabic accent, at which point the man rushed back into the car and drove away. The guards managed to record the license-plate number and the make of the car. An investigation revealed that the car was most likely stolen, its military plates forgeries.

It is unclear what the motives were behind the infiltration attempt, but the army nonetheless is using the incident as reason to expect terrorist attacks on military bases in the near future. This threat comes on the heels of warnings that Hamas plans to kidnap a soldier to use as a bargaining chip in return for the release of Hamas members jailed by Israel.

Detective Falls into Sewer

By IsraelWire

A police detective fell into a sewer and was saved by the very suspects he was chasing after. According to one of the suspects, the man who pulled the detective from the sewer and saved him from drowning was hit by the detective a short time before his fall. The detective thanked the man for saving his life.

The story began when a team of detectives were investigating a poultry slaughterhouse in Or Yehuda suspected of housing stolen goods. During the search, a violent dispute erupted between one of the detectives and one of the slaughterhouse workers. Minutes later, as the detective began a search of the back yard, he fell into a deep, six-foot-wide sewer pit, used to collect the liquid waste from the slaughterhouse.

The detective began sinking into the thick mess. The other detectives and slaughterhouse workers heard cries for help and rushed to the scene. The one who saved the detective is the same employee who allegedly hit by the detective minutes earlier.

Woman Raped in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives Cemetery

By IsraelWire

A 66-year-old woman who was looking for the grave of her father in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives Cemetery was raped earlier this month. The woman told police she looked for the Arab caretaker who is usually at the site to assist her in finding the grave of her father. She explained an Arab youth told her he would assist. He directed her to a secluded area of the cemetery, threw her on the ground and raped her while hitting her all over her body. Last week, a suspect was arrested and remanded by the court, but was released when the victim failed to make a positive identification in a line-up.

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