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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 9, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 47

3,500 Israeli Muslims go on Hadj

Israel Faxx Staff Report

3,500 Israeli Muslims have gone to Saudi Arabia to fulfill the Islamic precept of the Hadj. They were issued 25-day visas for this purpose and left in 71 buses, via the Allenby Bridge. Another group of 300 traveled by air from Amman to Jedda.

Chamish Calls for an End to Cover-up in Rabin Assassination

By IsraelWire

Journalist Barry Chamish announced he will increase his efforts to bring an end to what he calls the cover-up surrounding the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

"In light of the upcoming elections and the deepening prospect of the complete corruption of our democratic system, I have decided to take action to let the public have all the facts before casting their votes. It is clear that the government's promise to indict Avishai Raviv was broken and that there is no intention of permitting the public to know the truth about the Rabin assassination."

On Wednesday, Chamish will submit a complaint to Tel-Aviv Police against Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the State Pathologist for medical malpractice and evidence tampering.

"I will present Dr. Hiss' pathological report which stated that Yitzhak Rabin suffered no damage to his spinal cord, nor was wounded by a frontal chest wound. I will then submit Dr. Mordechai Gutman's surgical procedures report, the surgical summation signed by five of Dr. Gutman's staff, and taped testimony of Drs. Gabi Barabash, general manager of Ichilov Hospital and former Health Minister Ephraim Sneh, all reporting the shattered backbone and frontal chest wound."

Four Rabbis Who Placed Rabin in "Rodef" Category

By IsraelWire

According to Knesset member Yossi Sarid, the head of the extreme left-wing Meretz Party, the police and General Security Service now have the names of four rabbis who placed the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in the category of a "rodef."

Sarid, who over the past two months has spent a great deal of time investigating the events dealing with the assassination, insists that he has information from the GSS to back up his allegations.

Sarid insists the police failed to take the proper steps in dealing with those who placed Rabin in the category of a rodef (one who may be killed in accordance with Jewish law). Sarid added that as early as 1994, there were signs pointing to the rodef ruling, yet the police failed to take action.

Sarid added that his information indicated that the rodef classification was also applied to former prime minister Shimon Peres, Labor Party Knesset member Yossi Beilin as well as himself. He said this information was uncovered by police six months prior to Rabins's assassination of Rabin.

Sarid insists that his research indicated that in January 1995, rabbis affiliated with communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza affixed their signatures to a ruling of rodef, accompanied by prominent rabbinical figures in the United States. He is now demanding that criminal proceedings be implemented against those persons involved in the rodef rulings.

Church of John the Baptist Discovered

Israel Faxx Staff Report

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that a sixth century Byzantine church dedicated to John the Baptist has been discovered at the Tel a-Shakef dig at an Israel military installation in the Gaza Strip.

The church, measuring 13 X 25 meters in area (about 3,400 square feet), is covered in marble floor tiles and multi-colored mosaics of geometric shapes and flora motifs, as well as three Greek inscriptions, translated by IAA Professor Vassilios Tzaperis as follows:

  1. A line from Psalms 95:1, "O come, let us sing unto the Lord," mistakenly rendered as, "O come, let us become sanctified unto the Lord."

  2. Deuteronomy 28:6: "Blessed will you be when you come in, and blessed will you be when you go out."

  3. At the entrance to the church is a multi-colored mosaic of a medallion containing 11 lines that state that the church is dedicated to John the Baptist, was founded in 544 and completed in 550, and praise the church's donors -- Victor and John.

Dig director Ya'akov Huster, on behalf of the IAA, stated that a previous excavation at the site revealed a magnificent bathhouse and fish pond in almost perfect condition, next to the church. "These discoveries show that this was a major church in a successful community in the mid-sixth century, during the reign of Justinian."

The site is located at a military installation in the northwest edge of the Gaza Strip, in an area under Israeli military and civilian control. The excavation is being conducted with the aid of the Employment Service as part of a public works project for the unemployed, the archeology officer for Judea and Samaria and the base commander.

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