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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 4, 1999, Vol. 7, No. 44

Terrorist Gets Life for Planning Subway Terror Attack

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Islamic terrorist Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer was sentenced to life imprisonment for his planned pipe bomb attack on a New York City subway -- to protest Israel's "harsh treatment of the Palestinian people." A United States District Court justice told the defendant that his feelings towards Israel in no way justified such an attack against the passengers of the NYC subway system. Permitted to address the court, the defendant spoke out against what he called "Israeli injustices being committed against the Palestinian people." He also took advantage of the opportunity to state the Holocaust was a Jewish lie.

Netanyahu Rejects Postponing the Election

By David Gollust (VOA-Jerusalem)

israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rejected a proposal by his foreign minister -- Ariel Sharon -- that the country's political leaders postpone the May elections and form an emergency government of unity to pull troops out of Lebanon. The Sharon proposal to postpone the election was quickly dismissed by both Netanyahu and his main election rival Labor leader Ehud Barak.

But officials of both major parties say a unity government is a strong possibility after the election -- to extricate Israeli troops from Lebanon, and deal with stalled peace talks with the Palestinians.

Sharon said in a newspaper interview that an emergency cabinet of the two main parties should be set up immediately to implement a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. Sharon is a close ally of Netanyahu. And his proposal was widely seen as an effort to regain the political initiative after a surprise pledge by Barak Tuesday that if elected, he would have all troops out of Lebanon within a year.

Netanyahu adviser David bar-Ilan said if Barak indeed has a workable plan to end the bloodshed in Lebanon, he should not wait until June but present it to the government now: "To announce these things on television and to flaunt a magic formula of which nobody knows the details of, especially after you were there for four years is a little silly. So why don't you come and join us and see if we can really resolve all the problems together. If not, it's put up or shut up."

Defense Minister Moshe Arens said Wednesday that Israel should consider scrapping the international agreement barring attacks on civilian targets in the Lebanon conflict -- arguing that the 1996 accord ties Israel's hands in dealing with Hizbullah.

Police Prepare for Palestinian Statehood

By IsraelWire

Police are preparing for the possibility of PLO Authority Chief Yasir Arafat making a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood in May as he announced he is planning.

The police plan, called "Magic of the Melody" deals with preparing police and border police forces in anti-terror warfare, sharpshooters, and riot control. Special border police forces will also train in the use of armored personnel carriers, combat in open areas, and working more closely with Israel Defense Forces.

The plan assumes the state of Palestine will be declared with Jerusalem as the capital. The plan is working to prepare forces for conflicts with armed PA paramilitary forces. Police are preparing for sniper attacks on Jewish targets in Jerusalem from neighboring areas under PA autonomous control, rioting in the streets of the capital.

Israelis Debate Sheinbein Extradition Case

By Arutz-7 News Service

The case of Samuel Sheinbein, the American Jew who has avoided extradition to the US where he faces murder charges, has become a major topic of debate in Israel. Israel's Attorney-General, Eliyakim Rubinstein, has urged the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision not to extradite Sheinbein, who claimed Israeli citizenship on the strength of his father's birth in pre-state Israel.

Rubinstein warned that the country's extradition law may be abused by criminals seeking a haven from justice, and noted Sheinbein did not fit the profile of citizens who would be handicapped by being tried in a foreign country "whose culture and language they do not know."

Sheinbein will now be tried in Israel for the murder of Alfred Tello, 19, whose dismembered body was found near Washington in late 1997. The religious Hatzofeh newspaper argued in an editorial that "Sheinbein discovered his Judaism only when he faced justice for a brutal is clear that the law needs to be enacted to prevent 'criminal abominations' from finding sanctuary in Israel."

Offering a contrary view, right-wing commentator Gary Cooperberg argued that "Jewish Law forbids any Jewish authority to turn a fellow Jew over to non-Jewish authorities...Israel is meant to be a haven for the Jewish people. Even should a Jewish criminal seek refuge here it should be given to him without hesitation, because he is a Jew."

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