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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0201.txt
Health Officials Deny Yediot Report
Arafat to Clinton: Why No Wye?
Abdullah Assures Israel He Supports Peace Treaty
Insurance Against Suspension of Drivers License newsletter: 9fax0202.txt
Netanyahu Slogan is Compared to Fascist Slogan
Palestinians Blamed for Breakdown of Peace Process
Rabin and Arafat to Read from Bible and Koran newsletter: 9fax0203.txt
Israel Willing to Immediately Resume Syrian Negotiations
Palestinians Arrest 20 Hamas Members
Makes Aliyah Three Times Under Different Names
Israelis Tout Millennium Parties newsletter: 9fax0204.txt
Foreign Ministry Launches Website at
Netanyahu and Sharon Will Visit Crown Prince Abdullah
Amulets Barred from Elections
An Israeli Cinderella Story newsletter: 9fax0205.txt
Bnei Akiva Encourages Army Radio Careers
U.S. Reform Rabbis Criticize Israel
Spielberg Releases New Holocaust Film newsletter: 9fax0208.txt
Abdullah Ascends Jordan's Throne
Holocaust Compensation Talks are Scheduled newsletter: 9fax0209.txt
Naharayim Victims Name Newborn "Jordan"
World Leaders Attend King Hussein's Funeral
Terrorist Meets with President Weizman newsletter: 9fax0210.txt
Israel to Issue King Hussein Memorial Medal
Crashed El Al Flight Carried Poison, Explosives
Jordan: The Funeral's Aftermath newsletter: 9fax0211.txt
Nearly 3 Million Israelis Traveled Abroad in 1998
Study: Children Affected by Divorce
Mother and 6 Children Forced Out of Community
Ethiopian Immigrants Appeal Eviction Order
Web Site of the Week newsletter: 9fax0212.txt
Party Insurance Against Katyushas
Weizman Reportedly Wants to Meet with Assad
Hawatme: Weizman Asked to Meet Assad newsletter: 9fax0215.txt
Families of Terror Victims Suing Iran
Ultra-Orthodox Allege Religious Persecution
Arafat's Electronically Equipped Cars Barred by Israel newsletter: 9fax0216.txt
Low Election Fares
Israel will Upgrade Croatia's War Planes
Israelis Fight Over Child's Conversion newsletter: 9fax0217.txt
Government Offices Accessible by E-mail
Iran: No Confrontation with U.S. or Israel
Mufti Rejects Israeli Request to Vacate Temple Mount
Israel Awaits Millennium newsletter: 9fax0218.txt
250,000 Israelis Expected to Travel for Passover Holiday
Netanyahu Denies Involvement in Capture of Kurd
Yad Vashem Delivers List of Holocaust Victims
PM's Office Receives 1,000 Pineapples newsletter: 9fax0219.txt
Worshipers Help Out
Police Establish Millenium Task Force
The Jerusalem Syndrome newsletter: 9fax0222.txt
King Abdullah Says He's Israel's Brother
Mandy Patinkin's "Mamaloshen"
Build your own Jewish Home Page newsletter: 9fax0223.txt
Israelis Among the Biggest Consumers of Fruit
Netanyahu will Meet with King Abdullah
Peres Calls for Palestinian State
Hasidic New Yorker Arrested for Fraud newsletter: 9fax0224.txt
Three Israelis Killed, Five Wounded in Lebanon
Special High Court Hearing On Conversion Issue
Want Disability? Prove You Can't Peel Potatoes
Moses' Day newsletter: 9fax0225.txt
Israel to use Russian scientists
Fighting Resumes in Southern Lebanon
American Seeks Refuge in Israel in Murder Case
Minister Sharansky Sees KGB Evidence newsletter: 9fax0226.txt
Palestinians Call for Ocalan's Release
Sheinbein will be Tried for Murder in Israel
Israeli Finds 72-year-old Message From French Soldiers
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