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Israel's Channel Two on the World Wide Web in 1999
Denver Millennium Cultists Arrested
Arafat's Plane is a Hazard
Caterer Sues Kiryat Shmona Couple for Canceled Wedding
Israel's Population is 6,037,000 newsletter: 9fax0105.txt
Jewish Leader Presses Bonn on Holocaust Memorial
Militants Shoot Two Israeli Women
Millennium Cult Members Held for Questioning
Chief Rabbinate May Accept Civil Marriage for Non-Jews newsletter: 9fax0106.txt
Chief Rabbi: Always Carry a Skullcap in Your Pocket
Poll: Israelis Resigned to Creation of Palestinian State
Demand: Stop Student Trips to Poland newsletter: 9fax0107.txt
Cult Members Want to Go to Greece
Lipkin-Shahak Favors Transfer of Golan to Syria
Lithuanian Nazi War Crimes Trial Sputters
Newsweek on Threatened US Embassy Attack in Tel-Aviv newsletter: 9fax0108.txt
Mazal's First Flight
45% of Ethiopian Students Lack Books and Other School Basics
Israel Installing Security Cameras in Al Aksa Mosque newsletter: 9fax0111.txt
Swiss President Speaks out on Relations with Israel
Netanyahu Warns Arafat About Statehood
Chareidi IDF Company is Being Formed newsletter: 9fax0112.txt
Commercial Airplanes to Carry Anti-Missile Capabilities
Peres Tells Palestinians He Favors a State
"New Yorker" Reveals Pollard's "Damage" newsletter: 9fax0113.txt
New Women's Berets in IDF
Netanyahu Pulls Ahead in Polls
Scotland Yard Warns Israel of Doomsday Cult's Plans
Official Egyptian Media Denies Holocaust, newsletter: 9fax0114.txt
Soldiers Freezing -- Claim they are Barred from Wearing Coats
High Court Investigates "Torture" Tactics
Report: Balfour Declaration Author Was a Jew
11-Year-Old Hangs Self Over Difficulty Fitting Into Israel newsletter: 9fax0115.txt
Wallenberg Inquiry to Conclude in 1999
Anne Frank Anti-Bigotry Declaration Signed at U.N.
Arafat Receives Ultimatum to Release Hamas Prisoners
New Euro Called 'Arrow' in Hebrew newsletter: 9fax0118.txt
Dakar Sailors Memorialized
Mossad Planned to Kill Saddam Hussein
Christian Group Downplays Significance of Millennium newsletter: 9fax0119.txt
Pollard Case is Being Reviewed
Rabbi Puts the Word Out
Rabbi Kaduri Blesses Muslim Woman newsletter: 9fax0120.txt
New Course for Immigrants
Israel Jets Escort King Hussein's Plane
Israel Asks U.S. for Pollard Clemency newsletter: 9fax0121.txt
Arafat Prays for Next Year in Jerusalem
Anti-Semitism Re-emerges in Russia
Attempted to Smuggle Terrorist Message in Underwear
Teacher's Aide Forgets Child in Classroom, So She Tries to Jump
"Eden" Band Will Represent Israel in Eurovision Song Contest newsletter: 9fax0122.txt
Yassin: Israel Will be Destroyed by 2026
The Bible and Women newsletter: 9fax0125.txt
Mordechai May Run Against Netanyahu
One State for Israelis and Palestinians?
One Wedding Leads to Many newsletter: 9fax0126.txt
Fatah: "Land Demands Blood"
Mordechai Throws Yamulka into the Ring
Arafat May Delay Declaration of Statehood newsletter: 9fax0127.txt
Driver Apprehended at 112 mph
American Oleh Appointed Defense Minister
Golan Retention Law is Approved newsletter: 9fax0128.txt
Malaysia bans "The Prince of Egypt"
Sexton Found Murdered in Beersheva Synagogue
Syria Close to Sealing a $2 Billion Russian Arms Deal
Right-Wing Extremist Planned Suicide Attack on Temple Mount newsletter: 9fax0129.txt
Netanyahu Prays for King Hussein
Israel Accuses Palestinians of Releasing Terrorists
Air Traveler Sues for NIS 5,000 After Trousers Got Wet
Tel Aviv Disco Charged with Discrimination
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