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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax1201.txt
Holocaust Conference Under Way
Muslim-Jewish Agreement
Messianic Congregation Denies Child Baptism Claims newsletter: 8fax1202.txt
Arafat: Jerusalem is Top Issue
Ford & GM Suspected of Collaboration with Nazis newsletter: 8fax1203.txt
Beersheva Rabbinical Court Judge Issues an Apology
West Bank Troop Withdrawals Suspended
Parents Ask Doctors to Save Dead Son's Sperm
Proposed Law - Russian to Become an "Official" Language newsletter: 8fax1204.txt
Holocaust Art Guidelines Adopted
Will Pollard be Pardoned?
The Grandest Wedding in Town
Euthanasia Case Causes National Stir
Shas Calls for Business in New Israeli Shekels Only newsletter: 8fax1207.txt
Marines Training in Negev
Arab Prisoners on Hunger Strike
IDF Bracing for Increased Arab Violence
Knesset Gives D'Amato Award newsletter: 8fax1208.txt
Peace Flight is Canceled
Arabs Continue Protests Over Prisoner Release
Thousands of Resuscitation Machines May Fail in 2000
Employee Apprehended with Stolen Table in Hand newsletter: 8fax1209.txt
Russia Arming Syria, Egypt
Assaf Miara to be Tried for Conduct Unbecoming a Soldier
Chelsea Clinton: I Want to Get to Know Israel
Israel Won't Extradite Polish Jew
Russian Immigrant Granted Appeal Due to Language Limitations newsletter: 8fax1210.txt
Clinton Plans Visit to Masada Where Jews Vowed "Never Again"
Intifada Part 2 Spreads Through the West Bank
Worldwide Chanukah Menorah Lighting to be Linked newsletter: 8fax1217.txt
Husband Gets Life for Murdering Wife
Egyptian Opposition Paper: Jews Use Christian Blood For Matzo
Focusing in on the Western Wall newsletter: 8fax1218.txt
Israel Opens Gas Mask Centers
Palestinians Support Iraq
US Issues Travel Warning
Israel Takes Precautionary Measures
Man Divorces Wife for Breaking Glasses When Washing Dishes newsletter: 8fax1221.txt
Israel Deployed Against Iraqi Suicide Drones
Further Wye Implementations are Suspended
Defense Minister Says Reservists to Be Released Shortly
Absorption Ministry Opens Internet Site newsletter: 8fax1228.txt
Car Insurance Rates Increasing for Divorcees
Are Elections a Ploy to Avoid Scheduled Jerusalem Talks?
Russian Anti-Semitism Surfacing newsletter: 8fax1229.txt
Mazal Tov on Number 18
Group Wants Religious Circumcisions Outlawed
Nine Banks Sued for Holocaust Assets
Doctor May Have Hired Thugs to Cause His Wife to Miscarry newsletter: 8fax1230.txt
Elections are Set for May 17
Gypsies and the Holocaust newsletter: 8fax1231.txt
Circumcision Licensing a Reality
Yearender: Israel/Palestinians '98
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