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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax1102.txt
Miss Lebanon To Avoid Miss Israel
Civil War Predicted in Arafat's Palestine
Racists, Neo-Nazis, Gay Bashers Spread Message Online newsletter: 8fax1103.txt
Pig Daubed with Star of David, Loose in Berlin
Kahane Assassination Linked to Islamic Terror Campaign
Arafat Agrees to Postpone Wye Implementation
Handicapped Student Accuses University of Discrimination
Arafat Due to Resign in the Near Future
Humus in Space? -- Who Knows newsletter: 8fax1104.txt
Worldwide Synagogue Directory
German Banks Sued for Alleged Slave Labor Links
Man Seriously Injured for Picking Flowers
Bring You Own Toilet Paper to School newsletter: 8fax1105.txt
Canadian TV: Mossad Agents Want Canadian Passports
Genetic Warfare - The "Ethnic Bullet"
Vatican Denies it Wants Seat at Jerusalem Negotiations newsletter: 8fax1106.txt
Population Exceeds 6 Million
World War 2 Ustashe Guard Returns to Croatia for Trial
Eida Chareidit Rabbinical Court Bans Internet
Telephone Answering Machine newsletter: 8fax1109.txt
Synthetic Vaccines Against Biological Weapons
Israelis Accused of Spying Against Cyprus
Arafat Condemns Jerusalem Bombing
Rabbi Collapses, Dies After Performing Circumcision newsletter: 8fax1110.txt
Jewish Group Finds Lists of Nazi Art Looters
Suicide Bomber's Father Proud
Torah Scroll Makes it From Hell to Israel
60th Anniversary of Kristallnacht newsletter: 8fax1111.txt
Neo-Nazis Stopped From Visiting Israel
Russian Communists Openly Anti-Semitic
Palestinians Back Down on Harassment of Journalists newsletter: 8fax1112.txt
Israeli Gas Mask Centers Open
U.S. Urges Americans to Abandon Israel
Netanyahu's Cabinet Approves Wye Accord newsletter: 8fax1113.txt
Efforts Start to Preserve Masada From Destruction newsletter: 8fax1116.txt
Arafat Invites Queen Elizabeth to Bethlehem
CIA Director Threatened to Resign Over Pollard
Arafat Modifies Threat to Declare a State
Widow Claims Her Husband Was Victim of Dentist's Fraud newsletter: 8fax1117.txt
Chabadniks Take to the Streets
Sharon Tells Yesha Residents to Seize More Land
Troop Withdrawal is Suspended
Israel Denies Reports of "Ethnic Weaponry"
Arab Compulsory National Service May Become Reality
Jerusalem Violence Related to Missionary Activities newsletter: 8fax1118.txt
Hunt Launched for Looted Nazi Art Treasures
Lipkin-Shachak: No Chance of Defeated in War
"Birthright Israel" Project Efforts Underway
Neo Nazi Barred from Flight to Israel
After Six Years of Being Paralyzed, He Returns Home newsletter: 8fax1119.txt
Believe it or Not, A Sweet Potato
Israel to Repay Diaspora Jews
Shlomo Sheinbein: My Son Deserves a Fair Trial in Israel newsletter: 8fax1120.txt
Air Force One will Land at Gaza International Airport
Iraq and Syria Eye Jordan
Doko Media Releases Unlocking the Bible
Software Blocks Internet Hate Group Sites newsletter: 8fax1123.txt
New Security Vehicle for PM's Detail
Air Strike Against Hizbullah Terrorists in Lebanon
Judge Cites Woman for Contempt when her Cell-Phone Rings
Defense Ministry Employee Suspected of Abusing IDF Soldier
Dig This: Sunning Yourself at Ein Gedi newsletter: 8fax1124.txt
State of Alert: Fear of Attack on Arafat's Plane
Complaints from Women in Orthodox Homes Up 334 Percent
Husband Sues Wife Who Failed 15 Road Tests
"Modesty Patrol" Attacks Newly Secular Teenager newsletter: 8fax1125.txt
Palestinian Airport Opens
Poll: Anti-Semitic Attitudes Dropping
Christian Cultists May Kill Themselves at Millennium End newsletter: 8fax1126.txt
Netanyahu Meets with Chabad Leaders
Levy May Return to Likud Cabinet
Conference Planned on Nazi-Era Art
Wife Finds Incriminating Video of Husband newsletter: 8fax1130.txt
ICEJ: Chareidim Attack Messianic Congregation
Arafat Maintains Jerusalem will be Capital
Police Called After Student Arrives in School Wearing an Earring
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