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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax1001.txt
Jewish Priestly Line Maintains Legacy - and Genetic Marker newsletter: 8fax1002.txt
Israel Returns Arab Property
Israel Deployed Nuke-Capable Missiles in 1973 War newsletter: 8fax1005.txt
Music to Sit in Jail By
Hamas May Be Targeting Skyscraper
Albright Scheduled to Arrive in Jerusalem
Egypt's Jewish Community Dwindles
Israel Wants Out of Syrian-Turkish Dispute newsletter: 8fax1006.txt
VJTV Broadcasts Jewish Television Online
Palestinian Kills 4 in Baghdad Synagogue
25th Anniversary of Yom Kippur War
Nazareth Expects Flood of Christian Pilgrims newsletter: 8fax1007.txt
Sharon Draws the Line at Hand Shaking
A Non-Conventional Look at Israel During '73 War newsletter: 8fax1008.txt
Shekel Continues Plunge
Egyptian General Predicts War
France's Le Pen Says He Did Not Deny Holocaust
The Case for A New Deterrence System newsletter: 8fax1009.txt
Further Devaluation of Shekel
Opponents Threaten to Topple Netanyahu
Infant Decapitated During Childbirth in Sefat Hospital newsletter: 8fax1012.txt
Vatican Holocaust Files Incomplete
Catholics Canonize First Jewish Convert in Nearly 2,000 Years
French Assail Pope on Convert's Canonization newsletter: 8fax1013.txt
Arafat-Netanyahu-Clinton Summit Thursday
Lithuania World War II Survivors Home Opens
Netanyahu Advisor Asks to Nix Generali Award newsletter: 8fax1014.txt
Israel's Wiesenthal Center Condemns Stein's Canonization
Summit Set to Get Under Way at Wye River Center newsletter: 8fax1015.txt
Check is in the Mail for Stolen Hotel Towel
Netanyahu, Arafat will First be Welcomed at White House
Al Pacino Starts Film in Israel
Chief Rabbi Calls for Dialogue with Reform Jews newsletter: 8fax1016.txt
Negotiations Begin at Wye River
Avner Netanyahu Disappeared from Nursery School newsletter: 8fax1019.txt
"Siege" By IsraelWire
Maryland Summit Announcement Expected
Bibi and Sara Went for Walk and Got Lost
Anti-Nazi Group Demands Bavaria Detain Auschwitz Doctor newsletter: 8fax1020.txt
Increased Fax Calls to Wye Summit
64 injured in Beersheva Grenade Attack
Summit Continues Past Deadline newsletter: 8fax1021.txt
Iraqi Dictator Reported to Have Cancer
Hamas Claims Responsibility for Beersheva Attack
Victims of Beersheva Blast Who are Still Hospitalized
King Hussein to Help With Wye Reconciliation
Sharon Has Dinner with Arafat, Refuses Handshake newsletter: 8fax1022.txt
War Games
It's Been Seven Days of Talks at Wye River
Israeli Police Watching for Denver Cult
Schroeder Said to See Industry on Holocaust Issues newsletter: 8fax1023.txt
Vatican Says No Peace Without Jerusalem Solution
Chareidi Teacher Suspected in Ashdod Sexual Assault Cases
Nazareth Man Dies on Phone While Speaking on Live Radio
Feds Sued Over Israel Spy Probe
Holocaust an Issue in NY Race
Psychiatric Jumper Sues the Hospital newsletter: 8fax1026.txt
Pizza Shop Owner Shot Over Toothpicks
Netanyahu: Peace Painful but he Remains Optimistic
Pollard Says Thanks to Israel He Rots in Jail newsletter: 8fax1027.txt
Iraq Accuses Israel of Dropping Crocodile Eggs
CIA to Enforce Israeli-Palestinian Wye Accord
Netanyahu Defeats Knesset No-Confidence Action
Spielberg's Shoah Work Eyed for Berlin Memorial newsletter: 8fax1028.txt
Jerusalem Municipality Employees Lose Big at PA Casino
Wye's Cabinet Approval Has Been Postponed
Tension High Among Israeli Settlers
Vatican Calls for Special Status for Jerusalem
Lebanese Arabs Attack 100 Israeli Internet Sites newsletter: 8fax1029.txt
Aide: Arafat Didn't Understand What He Was Signing
Drama at Sea: PA Police Seize Channel 2 Yacht
War on Counterfeiters: Paper Money to be Redesigned
Speedily in Our Time: New Jet Record newsletter: 8fax1030.txt
Syria: Wye Agreement May Lead to Palestinian Civil War
Terrorists in Gaza Attack Israel School Children
Rabbi Sells Sex Manual to Playboy Magazine
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