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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0901.txt
Holocaust Slave Labor Class Action Lawsuit Filed
Palestinian Police Accused of Rape and Torture
Pope Silent as More Crosses are Built at Auschwitz
So Sorry Deep Space Nine
Girl Falls From 8th Floor and Lives newsletter: 8fax0902.txt
North Korean Missile Test
Iran Refuses Visas for Israeli Wrestlers
Police Use Laser Technology to Eavesdrop newsletter: 8fax0903.txt
Mubarak Justifies Terrorism
Israel Calls North Korean launch 'Dangerous Development'
Two Italians Deported for Temple Mount Conspiracy newsletter: 8fax0904.txt
Israel Releases 80-Year-Old Soviet Spy From Prison
Ross Will Return to Middle East
Israel Shuts Down as Nation Strikes
Yeltsin Participates in Dedication of Holocaust Synagogue newsletter: 8fax0908.txt
Netanyahu's New Air Force Aleph
Netanyahu Calls Turkey-Israel Relationship an "Axis"
The Harlem Million Youth March newsletter: 8fax0909.txt
Gaza and Tel-Aviv - Twin Cities
Did Chicago Rents Generate Hamas Weapons?
Zwick's Controversial "Siege"
Iranian Spy Satellite newsletter: 8fax0910.txt
What is Average Wage following Histadrut Strike?
No Guns at Western Wall - Except on the Sabbath
Iraq Dangerously Close to Nuclear Capability
Jordan Expels HIV-Infected Foreigners
No More Customs on Computers
Spielberg Visits Nazi Concentration Camp newsletter: 8fax0911.txt
Soldier Jailed for Attending University
Palestinian and Israeli Kindergarten Teachers Cooperating
Man Uses Hidden Camera to Catch Wife in Bed with Three Men
Forgotten in the Duty Free Shop newsletter: 8fax0914.txt
Israel World Champs for Bounced Checks
Israel: More Immigration Due to Russian Economic Crisis
El Al Introduces a New First Class Menu
Workers Rush to Complete PA Casino newsletter: 8fax0915.txt
One Per Thousand in World is Israeli
Successful anti-Missile Missile Launch
Palestinian Casino will Lure Israelis
Request for Helipad Near Grave of Aaron newsletter: 8fax0916.txt
Netanyahu: Arrow to be Ready by Mid-1999
Polish Plans for Jewish Museum Gaining Momentum
IDF Bans Soldiers from Working as Military Escorts
Israeli Navy to Admit Women into Officer's Course newsletter: 8fax0917.txt
200,000 Israelis Will Go Abroad for Holiday Season
Arafat Prepares to Declare State
Austria Bank To Review WWII Claims
Jewish Schools Experience Growth newsletter: 8fax0918.txt
Security Forces Work to Prevent Terror Attack
Palestinian Student Killed
Lawyers Say Austrian Firms Used Slave Labor
Report Predicts Decline in Diaspora Jewry Population
Israel's Oldest Newest Mother newsletter: 8fax0923.txt
Iraqi Pilot Who Defected to Israel with MiG Dies
Dutch Jews Attack Frank Researcher
Israel May Annex West Bank newsletter: 8fax0924.txt
Israel's Air Force on the Net
Albright, Netanyahu Meet in New York
Tragedy in Arad
Generali Backtracks on Agreement
Majority Israeli [Jews] Support Transfer Policy newsletter: 8fax0925.txt
Israeli Court Halts Secret Plant Expansion
One Wounded in Hebrew University Bomb Blast
U.S. Approves Large Air Sale to Israel
"I Was Raped by the Rabbi Who Promised me Holy Sperm"
Netanyahu Addresses General Assembly newsletter: 8fax0926.txt
Albright Upset About Bibi's Call for 300 Houses
American Orthodox Unity
High Court Rules Against Parents
Veteran Tour Guide Dies at Masada newsletter: 8fax0928.txt
Israeli Arabs Clash with Police
Egypt Prepares for War
Iranian Threat Being Taken Seriously
Arafat will Address U.N. Monday newsletter: 8fax0929.txt
No IDF Soldiers in the Oasis Casino
Jordan Monitoring Dimona Nuclear Facility
Migratory Birds Meet Death in Ramat Gan
Yigal Amir Withdraws from Outside Influences
Doctors: Mineral Water May Prevent Hypertension
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