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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0803.txt
Middle East Negotiations Resume
Auschwitz Crosses at Site Where Jews Were Burned Alive
Miss Universe Competition Scheduled for Eilat newsletter: 8fax0804.txt
Army Wedding
German Jewish Group Calls for Investigation of Nazi Gold
30 Israeli Representatives at The Gay Olympics
Doctors Undecided if Baby is Male or Female
Byzantine Street Uncovered in Bet Shean Excavations newsletter: 8fax0805.txt
Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks and the PLO Charter newsletter: 8fax0806.txt
Officials Call for Nuclear Retaliation
Yitzhar Terrorist Attack
Jewish Agency Counselors Suspected in Russian Rape
Six Redemptions
Teacher Dismissed Because Husband Not Observant newsletter: 8fax0807.txt
Israeli Government Won't Release Holocaust Reparations
Israeli Demographic Trends in 1997
City Wall Built to Defend Against Romans Uncovered at Zippori
Benefits Approved for Returning Israelis newsletter: 8fax0810.txt
Clinton Thanks Israel for Assistance
Kenya and U.S. Thank Israel
Rabbis Still Deciding on Viagra newsletter: 8fax0811.txt
Physician Rescued from Golan Minefield
Yad Vashem Demands Removal of Auschwitz Crosses
Chief Rabbi: Sabbath Desecration for Kenya Rescue Permitted
Flatow Family Moves Ahead in Legal Battle Against Iran newsletter: 8fax0812.txt
Soroka Physician Suspected in Patient Rape
Arafat to Assist in Finding Nairobi, Tanzania Bombers
Polish Cardinal Seeks End to Auschwitz Cross Row
Fatah Website Calls for Israel's Destruction newsletter: 8fax0813.txt
Swiss Anti-Semitism Increases
Swiss Banks Want to Settle Holocaust Claims
Bus Driver Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Outburst newsletter: 8fax0814.txt
An Unfortunate Accident
Swiss Agree to Pay Survivors $1.25 Billion
PM's Driver Names Son After PM's Fallen Brother
Jerusalem PD Commander Falls into Sewer newsletter: 8fax0817.txt
Arafat Cancels Israel Peace Meeting
Report: Israeli-Arabs are Potential Threat
Indictments in Cocaine Smuggling Operation
Israeli Cancer Breakthrough newsletter: 8fax0818.txt
Israel Filled with Start-Up Companies
Holocaust Settlement Repels Swiss Tourists
Swiss Gold Sale Plan Intact Despite Holocaust Deal
Body Exhumed by "Hooligans"
Kiryat Shmona Resident Releases Mice in City Hall
New Circumcision Practice Proscribed newsletter: 8fax0819.txt
Abu Nidal Captured in Egypt
Holocaust Claims newsletter: 8fax0821.txt
Islamic Group Threatens the United States
Generali Offers $100 Million
Clinton and the King newsletter: 8fax0824.txt
Can One Maintain Kosher Standards in the IDF?
Israelis Back U.S. Strikes
Circumcision Follow-up
Efforts to Identify Holocaust Victims from Poland
Israel's Secret Institute newsletter: 8fax0825.txt
Israel Tightens Airport Security
Islamists Threaten Revenge Attacks
How Bin Laden Escaped Death at the Last Minute
Lesbian Couple Demands Government Recognize their Family newsletter: 8fax0826.txt
Passengers Move to El Al flights
Rocket Attack on Northern Israel
Holocaust Insurance Settlement Reached newsletter: 8fax0827.txt
CIA Iraqi Monitoring Station Destroyed in U.S. Attack
Egypt Denies Abu Nidal Not on "Egyptian Soil"
Sudanese TV Issues Curse Against U.S.
Kiryat Shmona Man Donates NIS 15 and Billed NIS 15,000 newsletter: 8fax0828.txt
Clinton's Death Was Reportedly Ordered
Terrorist Bomb Injures at Least 21 in Tel Aviv
Another Death at a Checkpoint
Groom Dies at Boston Reception newsletter: 8fax0831.txt
"Arik" Sharon Offered Foreign Minister's Portfolio
Arafat Orders Two Palestinians Executed
Husband Refuses "Get" and Gets Sent to Prison
Thrown Out of Home for Eating Parents' Pita
14-Year-Old Attempts Suicide Following Rape
Generali Board Approves Holocaust Settlement
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