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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0701.txt
New Identity Cards to Include Fingerprints
Conference to Discuss Nazi Confiscation of Jewish Art
Arabs Ask U.N. to Condemn Israel
Yassin: No 'Palestine' Without End to 'Occupation' newsletter: 8fax0702.txt
Netanyahu, Weizman Privatize Problems
Chareidi Women Arrested in Gold Smuggling Operation
IDF Widow Wins and Loses Caribbean Time Share Vacation
Teenager Girl Abused by Multiple Family Members
74 Percent of Israelis Unhappy with Weight newsletter: 8fax0703.txt
Yad Vashem Going Online
Swiss Banks Say Bank Sanctions Threaten U.S. Ties
Tichon's $300,000 Menorah
Israel Acquires 3 Nuclear Subs from Germany newsletter: 8fax0706.txt
Rabbinate Issues "Pringles" Ban
Chareidi Community Linked to Prostitution in Israel
Arab Leaders Meet, Condemn Israel
PA Newspaper Denies Holocaust
Heavy Smokers Flying to London, Via Turkey
Dizengoff Suicide Bombing Victim Files Suit Against PA newsletter: 8fax0707.txt
Barak: Netanyahu Leads Israel to War
Esther Pollard Meets Husband's Control Officer
Tanenbaum Cleared of U.S. Espionage Charges
The New License Plate Controversy
Turkey Refuses Husseini Request newsletter: 8fax0708.txt
U.N. Votes to Upgrade Palestinians' Observer Status
Wiesenthal Center Provides Croatia with Vital Information
IDF Soldier Claims He Wants to Kill Arabs
Neo-Nazis Victorious in a Boston Court newsletter: 8fax0709.txt
Israeli Lawmakers Uphold Orthodox Army Exemption
Cohens Have a Common Ancestor newsletter: 8fax0710.txt
Officials Estimate 100,000 Illegal Aliens in Israel
Civil Marriage Bill Passes Preliminary Reading
Israel to Aid Refugees
IDF Officer Saves Life of Arab Laborer
Possible "Coke" Poisoning newsletter: 8fax0713.txt
Technion's Satellite Doing Well
America to Israel, Palestinians: Get Your Acts Together
Palestinian-Initiated Conflict is Feared
Shin Bet Warns Jews Could Fight Jews
35 Hamas Take Part in Mass Marriage Ceremony newsletter: 8fax0714.txt
Sephardic Rabbi Ben Tzion Abba Shaul Dies
Jewish Technicians Hired for Hamas Weddings
Arafat Issues Invitation to Ghadafi to Pray on Temple Mount
Piercing One's Ear May Increase Risk of Contracting AIDS
Immodestly Dressed Student Refused Driving Test
New Shtetl in Kfar Chabad newsletter: 8fax0715.txt
100,000 Attend Funeral for Ben Tzion Aba Shaul
Peres Admits to Israeli Nuclear Capability
Sneh Critical of IDF State of Preparedness
Germany Calls on Recipients of Reparations
Assaulting a Journalist May Incur 3-Year Sentence
Netivot Man Marries Two Women newsletter: 8fax0716.txt
Turkish Planes in Nevatim Airbase
Russian Security Chief Visits Israel
IDF Inductee to be Arrested for Refusing HIV Blood Test
Policeman Stops Speeder, Saves Infant's Life
Investigation into a 130-Foot Swastika newsletter: 8fax0717.txt
Israeli Jailed for Iran Poison Gas Sale
Heated Debate over Posthumous Circumcision newsletter: 8fax0720.txt
IDF to Use Civilian Airlines
Jerusalem Car Bomb Catastrophe Averted
Leah Rabin Calls Netanyahu's Actions "Blood Libel"
Pollard Says He Was Abandoned newsletter: 8fax0721.txt
"Heter Iska" is Binding
"The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads newsletter: 8fax0722.txt
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Continue
Luxury Housing in Autonomous Areas
PA Will Demand Return of Abandoned West Jerusalem Properties newsletter: 8fax0723.txt
Archaeologists says Mt. Sinai is in Negev
Driving Tester Exonerated
Cemetery Added for Non-Jews in Etzion Bloc
Thieves Direct Motorist to ER and Steal his Car newsletter: 8fax0724.txt
Israel Will Do Whatever is Necessary to Defend Itself
Arab League: Inspect Israel's Nuclear Installations
Woman Reported Dead by Government Computer
Two Teachers Suspected of Drug Use at 1st Grade Party
Arad Municipality Moves to Get Rid of Cats newsletter: 8fax0727.txt
British Agents Plotted to Kill Hitler in 1944
Israeli Security Concerned Over Non-Conventional Attack
Clinton Concerned Over Iranian Missile Development
Arafat Urged to Condemn Holocaust Denial newsletter: 8fax0728.txt
1,300 Americans Buy Israeli Land Each Year
Netanyahu Insists Palestinians Will Get 10 Percent
New Finding Does Not Shake King David's Reputation newsletter: 8fax0729.txt
Palestinian Security Boss Says Netanyahu is a Racist
Beersheva Neighborhood Planned Near Toxic Dump
Immigration Celebration
Unemployed Man Wins NIS 1.5 Million
Rabbi Kaduri: "Government Will Not Fall"
University Planned for Israeli-Jordanian Border newsletter: 8fax0730.txt
Iran Missile Eyes 'Nuclear' Israel
First of Four Readings Dissolves Knesset
Jordan and Israel Plan Joint Tourism Project
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