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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 16, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 125

Turkish Planes in Nevatim Airbase

By IsraelWire

According to Israeli sources, Turkish warplanes are based at Nevatim air base in the Negev Desert south of Beersheva. These Turkish aircraft and their crew stay and train in Israel on a regular basis as part of an agreement between the two countries. In return, Israeli jets are based in Turkey.

Russian Security Chief Visits Israel

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

The head of Russia's main security service, Nikolai Kovalyov, is in Israel for talks about Russia's sales of missile technology to Iran, and cooperation with Israel's security services to stop international terrorism and organized crime.

The Russian government has expressed opposition to the sale of missile technology and other advanced weaponry to Iran. But Israel says it is not doing enough to stop such sales by private Russian companies.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman says Kovalyov will be asked to do more to block the private sales. Israel also is concerned about a nuclear power plant that Russia is helping Iran to build. Israel says it could be part of a nuclear weapons program, but both Russia and Iran deny that charge.

IDF Inductee to be Arrested for Refusing HIV Blood Test

By IsraelWire

A 17-year-old teenager scheduled to be inducted into the Israel Defense Forces received an arrest warrant at her home after she said she would refuse to submit to a pre-induction HIV blood test.

The inductee was living in Holland from infancy until age eight. When she received her first induction notice, she did appear as required and completed all of the necessary pre-induction paperwork and exams. When it was learned that she was abroad for many years, she was told she was going to have to undergo additional blood tests. When hearing that the IDF was planning to screen her for the HIV virus, she refused.

The young inductee stated that she was "threatened" and then told that if she does not comply with the orders for the blood test, an IDF psychiatrist would intervene and compel her to agree to the test. She added that numerous physicians and IDF personnel tried to persuade her, but she remained adamant not to have the test.

Monday, the notification of her impending arrest arrived at her home. The arrest notification stated that if she appears in the Jerusalem induction center July 23 for the blood test, the arrest orders would be canceled.

The IDF spokesman stated in response, "A citizen awaiting induction into the IDF must comply with all requests to appear in regards to his/her induction, in accordance with the Security Service Law. The inductee may refuse a particular procedure, but nevertheless, must appear. Failure to appear on a particular date will result in the issuing of an order that will explain that the actions of the individual will lead to an order for one's arrest."

Policeman Stops Speeder, Saves Infant's Life

By IsraelWire

Traffic policeman Ovadia Eitan was posted Tuesday with a laser gun on Route 40 between the Negev Junction and Beersheva assigned to check for speeding cars. At 9:30 a.m., he detected an approaching car speeding at 78 mph.

He flagged down the car and as he approached to give the driver a ticket, he noticed a woman passenger holding a sick 8-month-old baby. The Bedouin driver emotionally explained to the policeman that he and his wife were rushing their sick infant daughter to the hospital.

One look at the baby, who was squirming with breathing difficulties, was enough for Eitan to turn his police vehicle into an ambulance. He closed his ticket book and ordered the mother and baby into his car, turned on his siren and sped to the Soroka Hospital in Beersheva.

The baby was transferred to the emergency room, treated, and her condition improved. Doctors established that she suffered from high fever and accompanying seizures caused by the great heat in the tent in which her family lives. They stated that her life was saved by the quickness in which she was brought to the hospital. The father thanked the policeman for saving his daughter's life.

Investigation into a 130-Foot Swastika

By IsraelWire

Authorities in Mercer County, N.J. want to know who is responsible for carving a 130-foot swastika in a cornfield. From the air, the Nazi symbol is cut perfectly in the green field, lush with corn stalks. Investigators say the swastika could be more than a month old.

Hightstown Fire Department used a cherry picker to take pictures of the swastika to help in the investigation. Officials say it may have taken up to two days to cut the thousands of stalks of corn to make the design of hate.

"It's something that took an enormous amount of time and energy and some obvious planning. So it's not something to be glossed over. It's certainly not a prank and it's the top priority in the office," said Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Charles Waldron.

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