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>Israel Faxx
>July 7, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 118

Barak: Netanyahu Leads Israel to War

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Branding Benjamin Netanyahu a liar, the head of Israel's main opposition party told the Knesset Monday that the prime minister was leading the country towards war with the Palestinians. The fiery attack by Labor party leader Ehud Barak blazed a new path in the opposition's campaign to nudge Netanyahu towards a deal with the Palestinians or push him out of office should he fail to fulfil promises to achieve "peace with security."

Esther Pollard Meets Husband's Control Officer

By Arutz-7 News Service

Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard, met her husband's direct control officer, Rafi Eitan, for the first time Sunday and she told Arutz-7 that neither she nor her husband, who has been incarcerated for 13 years, are angry at Eitan.

Eitan told Mrs. Pollard that throughout this period, he attempted to help behind the scenes, and said that now that Israel has officially recognized Jonathan as an Israeli agent, it would be easier for him to act openly. She said Eitan admitted that Israel had not been fair to Pollard, and that Pollard had done only good for Israel and no harm to the United States.

Mrs. Pollard brought Eitan a message from her husband: "Rafi, a commander does not leave his men in the field. The State has finally acknowledged that I was her agent, that I was your soldier. I am asking you to bring me home."

Tanenbaum Cleared of U.S. Espionage Charges

By IsraelWire

The American government has cleared David Tanenbaum of all suspicion of allegedly spying for Israel. Tanenbaum, an observant Jew who lives in Detroit, was suspected of passing classified information from the US to Israel. In his capacity working as a senior engineer in the development of tanks for the U.S. government, it was alleged that he passed information to an IDF attache, who in turn passed it along to Israeli officials.

Last February, Tanenbaum's home was raided by FBI agents who confiscated documents and computer disks, and claimed that Tanenbaum was hiding some of the classified data intended for Israel in his home.

Tanenbaum has maintained his innocence and accused the agents and the government of defamation of character. His lawyer told officials that any information that was obtained by the Israelis was data that was shared in joint US-Israeli projects, and at no time, did his client pass any classified data to Israel. The agents were unable to establish a case against Tanenbaum, lacking any incriminating evidence that would substantiate their claims of espionage.

The New License Plate Controversy

By IsraelWire

On June 18, we reported that new car license plates are being issued for new cars, with an Israeli flag on them, similar to European countries that display their respective flag. The current version displays an Israeli flag on the left side of the license plate with the large English initials "IL." In addition the word "Israel" is written in Hebrew and Arabic.

It has been learned that Arabs and chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews have been informing one another by word of mouth, where license plates without the flag can be obtained. Other Israelis are asking for the license plates without the word "Israel" written in Arabic.

Right-wing members of the committee dealing with the different changes in the license plates have already objected to proposals to permit Arabs to obtain a plate with a blue square in place of the national flag.

In about six months, a newer version will be manufactured without the initials. According to Transportation Minister Shaul Yahalom, the flag on the license plates is another element that will make it increasingly difficult to manufacture fraudulent license plates.

The new license plates is mandatory only for new cars sold in Israel from this month onward.The majority of the cars, with the license plates without the flags, will not be required to change over.

Turkey Refuses Husseini Request

By Arutz-7 News Service

Turkey says it is not interested in helping the Palestinian Authority locate Arab properties in western Jerusalem. Feisal Husseini visited Turkey last week, and requested that he be allowed access to documents from the period of Ottoman control over the Holy Land. He wishes to find proof of Arab ownership of Jerusalem properties. The Turkish government refused to cooperate with his request.

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