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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0601.txt
Israel: Pakistan's Nukes Might Encourage Iran/Iraq
Poll: Arafat's Popularity Drops 6 Percent Since January
Israeli Climbers Found Alive in Peruvian Andes newsletter: 8fax0602.txt
Yad Vashem Begins Insurance Policies Review
Nazis Used Looted Gold to Pay for War
The Children of Terezin
Site of Jesus's Baptism May Reopen for Tourists newsletter: 8fax0604.txt
U.S. May Discontinue its Mediation
Should U.S. Aid to Israel Continue? newsletter: 8fax0611.txt
Iran Hangs Jew
Wiesenthal Center: Swiss Aided Nazi Germany
Netanyahu Opposes New "Anti-Missionary" Bill
Hamas' Chicago Connection Closed newsletter: 8fax0615.txt
Palestinian Sewage Presents Ecological Danger
Rabin Assassin's Friend Convicted
Hamas Says No to Arafat's Appeal
Wheat Growers Take Offense to Rabbi's Demands newsletter: 8fax0616.txt
Postal Workers Find Porcupine in Mailbag
Wiesenthal Center Defends Report
Auschwitz Town Synagogue to be Restored by Elaine Johanson (VOA-New York)
Canadian Church Calls for Halt to Proselytizing Jews
Worrisome Demographics newsletter: 8fax0617.txt
World Cup Up, Viagra Demand Down
Netanyahu Says He Won't Shoot Himself for Peace
Was There a Nuclear Test Near Eilat?
Russian Nuclear Technology in Iran a Real Threat
High Court; "Parking Summonses Void After 3-Years"
What's for Breakfast in the IDF?
Statistics By Arutz-7 News Service newsletter: 8fax0618.txt
Wiesenthal Says Swiss Nazi Report Biased
Israeli Sold Poison Gas Material to Iran
Two Boys Held for "Prank" Killing of Arab
Jewish Women Joined in Marriage in USA
The New License Plates newsletter: 8fax0619.txt
Syria Buys Russian Missiles
Swiss Nat'l Bank: Nazi Gold Aided WW2 Defense
Netanyahu Unveils Jerusalem Development Plan
Nazi Criminal Extradited
Seismological Expert: There Was no Israeli Nuclear Testing
Knesset Rejects Proposed Changes to Hatikvah
Avi Kadosh Remarries 5-Years after Wife Killed by Terrorists
Dolphin Washes Ashore newsletter: 8fax0623.txt
Holocaust Survivors' Lawyer Threatens Swiss Banks
Rabin Assassination Conspirators Appeal Verdict
Jerusalem's Boundaries to be Extended
Practical Joke in Bus Alerts Police newsletter: 8fax0624.txt
Satellite Launch Postponed to Wednesday
D'Amato Threatens Hearings on 1946 Pact with Swiss
Swiss Rebuff Auschwitz Survivor's Pay Plea
Two Israeli Astronauts Named
Officer Who Brought Food for Troops Pardoned
El Al Steward Commits Suicide newsletter: 8fax0625.txt
Lebanon Prepares for Body Swap
Viper Snake Surprises Bus Driver
Arab Man Beaten in Jerusalem by Chareidim
Kahalani Approves Closed Circuit TVs for Old City
Hamas' Yassin Allowed to Return to Gaza newsletter: 8fax0626.txt
Plane with Israeli Remains Leaves Beirut
Israel Stages Last Airlift from Ethiopian Capital
Afghanistan Rejects Israel Earthquake Aid
Chief Rabbi to Meet Iranian Religious Leaders in US
14 Year-Old Girl Wants Permission to Wed
Chabad at the World Cup
Syria Nearing Completion of Nerve Gas Production newsletter: 8fax0629.txt
215 kph is New Record for Speeding in Israel
Gaza Resident May Have Conspired to Kill Janet Reno
Woman Who Threatened to Circumcise Husband Sentenced
IDF Has a Shortage of Technicians
Kashrut in the IDF
Daughter Barred from Home
Estranged Husband Rapes Wife rape
Miriam Lapid to Wed newsletter: 8fax0630.txt
Netanyahu Rejects Early Elections
Rats with Damaged Spine Partially Recover
Dana International; "Hitler was a Hero and Brilliant"
Senior Bezeq Official Accused of Stealing Phone Time
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