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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0401.txt
Arafat Visits Anne Frank's House
Holocaust Survivor to Testify on Video
Admor's Son Sentenced to 12-Years in Rape Case newsletter: 8fax0402.txt
Possible Snowball Attack Indictments
Hamas Master Bomber Killed
Childhood Friend of Anne Frank Remembers
Man Sentenced in Yankel Rosenbaum Stabbing Murder newsletter: 8fax0403.txt
Bomb Damages Riga's Only Synagogue
War Criminal Papon Sentenced to 10 years
Funeral Procession Members Clash with IDF
The Conspiracy to Kill Hitler newsletter: 8fax0406.txt
81 Senators Sign Pro-israel Letter
Israel to Lend Kinneret Space to Jordan
"The Analyzer" Rejected by IDF Computer Units
Palestinians Hide Torture in Sharif Murder
Latvian Holocaust Memorial Desecrated newsletter: 8fax0407.txt
Hamas Leader Killed During Inter-Party Squabble
Switzerland Holds 700 Paintings Stolen From Jews
28% of Jewish Localities Founded after 1967
Kashrut in the Air newsletter: 8fax0408.txt
Increase of 8.5 Percent in Minimum Wage
Israel on Alert After Palestinian is Killed
Mecca Haj Ends with Call for Israeli Holy War
Palestinians Admit They Face Dilemma newsletter: 8fax0409.txt
Hamas Urges Arabs to Attack World's Jews
First Arab Israeli Woman Becomes Officer in Army
An Ethiopian Vision of Passover on the Internet
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day newsletter: 8fax0410.txt
The Largest Seder in the World
Welcome to Palestine
Conversion Institute Approved by Cabinet Panel newsletter: 8fax0413.txt
Terrorist Centers Bombed in Lebanon
Heat Wave: Milk Down, Honey Pp
Iran Moving Ahead with Missile Program
Syria States Labor Signed on Golan Withdrawal
The Dollar to Become Legal Currency
Opposition Demands Cigar Money Back newsletter: 8fax0414.txt
Assad Calls Israel's Withdrawal "Ploy"
Shekel Continues to Decline in Value
300 Detainees to Visit Cyprus to Mark British Arrest
Passover Heat Wave Continues newsletter: 8fax0415.txt
Dollar Exchange Rate Rises
Water Line to Southern Communities Cut
"The Analyzer" Gets a New Job
Camel Milk to Sustain Nomads newsletter: 8fax0416.txt
Syria, Egypt say Israel Must Quit Lebanon
Israel Frees Palestinian Detained Without Trial
Sabotaged Negev Water Main
Israel Rejects Accusations of Spy Photography over Cyprus
Israel Supports Croatian Move to Try Camp Commander newsletter: 8fax0417.txt
Lightning Hits Jerusalem Mosque
Israel's Intelligence Chief
Sanford's Kosher Slaughterhouse newsletter: 8fax0420.txt
Murder Suspect Hangs Self
Netanyahu to Lead March of the Living
South African Minister Meets Yassin
Boy, 10, Dies Two Days After Arriving in Israel
Arafat: Palestinian State in 1999
Two Men Face Contempt in Hamas Fund-Raising Case newsletter: 8fax0421.txt
Netanyahu, Arafat will Meet in London
Another Water Line Sabotaged
Nazi Hunter Slams Berlin Holocaust Memorial Plans
Netanyahu to Participate in New York's Israel Day Parade
Unemployment on the Rise newsletter: 8fax0422.txt
Palestinians Send Foreign Aid to Iraq
Microsoft To Invest In Israeli Fund
Software Piracy in Israel
Israel Upset Blair Called Arafat "President" newsletter: 8fax0423.txt
Polish PM Issues Auschwitz March Appeal
Health Minister Matza at Theriesinstadt
MIAs Identified After 50-Years
Israel to Build Aqaba Airport Passenger Terminal
Defense Ministry Opens World Wide Web Site newsletter: 8fax0424.txt
Yom HaShoah Celebrated Worldwide
Israeli Arabs Complain of 50 Years of Racism
63-Year-Old Dies on Way Home from Hospital
Doctorate Planned for Clinton newsletter: 8fax0427.txt
Are Israeli-Palestinian Talks On-Track?
Editorial: Israel Independence Anniversary
Netanyahu; Allies Could've Stopped Auschwitz Killing newsletter: 8fax0428.txt
Broad U.S. Support for Israel
Israel Will Turn Over More Land -- Later
President Clinton Now President/Doctor Clinton newsletter: 8fax0429.txt
Jubilee Bells Ring Discordant Note
Message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
An Israeli's Average Income Nears U.S. Levels newsletter: 8fax0430.txt
Israel's 'Forgotten Army' Ready for Roll Call
Independence Day Follows Memorial Day
Controversial Dance Segment
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