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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0302.txt
Iraq Prepares Drone for Bombing Mission
Israelis Flying to Washington
Netanyahu May Attend Jews for Jesus Celebration
77.2% Palestinians Want Iraqi Retaliation Strike
Hamas Fundraising Operation Uncovered newsletter: 8fax0303.txt
Chabad Lubavitch: Rebbe is Not Moshiach
Children Wanted for Future Temple
Israel Offers to Withdraw from Lebanon
Sheinbein Agrees to Face Murder Charge in U.S.
Troops Apprehend Iraqi Citizen Near Border newsletter: 8fax0304.txt
Maryland Officials Reject Israeli Compromise Offer
Millennium Encourages Jewish Hate Groups
Knesset to Elect Israel's President Today
To the Editor newsletter: 8fax0305.txt
Kitchen Duty Doesn't Include Peeling Vegetables
Nazi Allegedly Personally Killed 500 Jews
Weizman Re-elected President
Israel Antiquities Authority Opens Internet Site
Grandmother of Hatzor Passes Away newsletter: 8fax0306.txt
U.N. Committee: Israel Practices Racism
Egyptian Police Investigate Possible Mossad Agent
Maryland Suspect's Dad Suggested Israel newsletter: 8fax0309.txt
Ford Sued for Using Slave Labor in Germany
Barak: "I Would Have Been a Terrorist"
Yassin: Attacks to Continue Until We Get Jerusalem
FBI Seeks Israeli Hacker in Pentagon Cyber Attack
Bituach Leumi Won't Assist Family of Terror Victim
IDF General Compares Orthodox Soldiers to Nazis newsletter: 8fax0310.txt
Student Killed Following Purim Party
Neo-Nazis Arrested in Plot to Blow Up N.Y.'s ADL
Wiesenthal Center Applies Pressure to Swiss
IDF General Compares Orthodox Soldiers to Nazis
Israeli Soldiers Wed in Court Hall newsletter: 8fax0311.txt
Egypt Says Netanyahu Turns "World Upside Down"
Palestinians Killed in Apparent Misunderstanding
Hizbullah Rejects Security Guarantees
High Court Decision on Sexual Abuse in Workplace newsletter: 8fax0312.txt
Purim 1998
Dozens Injured as Palestinians Retaliate
Crystal Systems Launch Year-2000 Tool newsletter: 8fax0313.txt
Dog Belonging to Victim of Helicopter Crash Stolen
Israel to Build Memorial, Hotel at Entebbe
Son of Chassidic Rabbi Convicted of Rape and Molestation
Iran's Nuclear Reactor newsletter: 8fax0316.txt
Holocaust Payments Start in Summer
First Falash Mura Arrive in Jerusalem
Teddy Kollek Moving to a Senior Citizen Facility
King Hussein to Fly Kabbalist Rabbi to Aaron's Grave newsletter: 8fax0317.txt
Arafat Says Peace Process Nearing its End
Vatican Apologizes for Failure to Save Jews
Hamas Issues Warning newsletter: 8fax0318.txt
Jewish Leaders Disappointed by Vatican Declaration
Farrakhan Excommunicated in Muslim Ruling
Israelis Say Cook is Pro-Palestinian
Netanyahu to Address Christians in Orlando newsletter: 8fax0319.txt
Rabbis Permitted to Visit Iran
The Pentagon Hackers
General Assembly Votes to Condemn Israel
New Study Proves No Massacre at Deir Yassin
Toddler Dies in Blaze newsletter: 8fax0323.txt
Independence Day: A Two-Day Event
Costner, Douglas Co-Host Israel Salute
The "Jubilee Chimes" Event -- Main Details
Hebrew U. Team Finds New Value in Iodine newsletter: 8fax0324.txt
Mafia Nuclear Weapons
Ross Returns to Middle East
Kofi Annam Travels from Gaza to Israel
Prosecution Seeks Maximum Sentence in Rape Case
Man Accused of Spying for Israel Found Guilty in Moscow
"Analyzer" is Interrogated newsletter: 8fax0325.txt
Israel Tells U.N. of Upcoming Lebanon Withdrawal
Jerusalem to Expand West
Palestinian Hatred Perpetuated
Iraq Arrests Father of Its Germ War Effort
Britain on Alert Against Anthrax Smugglers
In Israel, One Pays for Fame newsletter: 8fax0326.txt
UN's First Couple Visits Yad Vashem
Palestinians Spying on Judea and Samaria
Bigger Than the Titanic? newsletter: 8fax0327.txt
U.S., Swiss Seek to Defuse Holocaust Row
Scholarly Russian Immigrants Doing Well
The Peace Process as Envisioned by Leah Rabin
How Much Will Matzo Cost Israelis?
Digital Cellular Phones and Pacemakers
For Clean Arteries, Drink Orange Juice
Building in Jerusalem, You Must Add a Succah Balcony newsletter: 8fax0330.txt
Sharon Threat Rouses Jordanian Ire
Police Prepared for Land Day
Iranian Missile Threat Confirmed
Rabbinate Orders Wife to Jail for Alimony Demands
Buildings in Jerusalem Must Have a Succah Balcony
Oldest Synagogue Uncovered
Aliyah at Last newsletter: 8fax0331.txt
Swiss Postpone Detailed Report on WW2 Gold Deals
Bethlehem's Elias Freij Dead at 80
PA Sent Israeli to Steal Shoulder-Fired Missiles
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism Website
Carter Coached Arafat on How to Improve His Image
Jordanian Newspaper; "Sharon, the Jewish Hitler"
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