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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0202.txt
King Hussein in Ill Health
Albright, Netanyahu Unable to Forge Mideast Breakthrough
US Agrees to Supply Anthrax Vaccine
Arafat Publicly Cautious but PA Supports Hussein -- Again
Iran To Execute German Businessman
300 Torah Scrolls Held in Lithuania newsletter: 8fax0203.txt
Israel Deploys U.S. Missiles Amid Iraq Fears
Palestinian Police Train Guns on Israeli Troops
Netanyahu: Only Israel will Decide Response to Iraqi Threat
Israelis Begin to Show Concern Over Iraqi Situation
What of the PA Threat against Israel?
Dimona Resident Surprised upon Returning Home
German Woman Wishes to Save at Least One Jew newsletter: 8fax0204.txt
Israeli Leaders Address Saddam Threat
Rabin Memorial at City Hall in Jerusalem is Vandalized newsletter: 8fax0205.txt
US Air Force Emergency Hospital Set for Tel Aviv
Israel Plans Jerusalem Apartment Complex
Gulf Crisis Update -- Sarin
More Persons Traveling Abroad from Israel
Kabalists to Make Seven Trips Around Israel
Edible Paper newsletter: 8fax0206.txt
Israel Reserves Right to Self Defense
Israelis Running for Antibiotics, Plastics
New Arab Alliance Counters Israeli-Turkish Alliance
Saddam Should Expect "Robust" Bombing Attack newsletter: 8fax0209.txt
Soldier Killed in Lebanon to be Buried in Russia
Palestinian Support for Iraq
Masks for Bearded Israelis
Palestinians Purchasing Jerusalem Land
Wine Flows Like Water newsletter: 8fax0210.txt
Palestinians Praise Saddam Hussein
The "Mohel of the State" Dies at 77
Argentina Awards Pension to Emily Schindler newsletter: 8fax0211.txt
Iraq Denies Saddam Sent Message to Israel
Shortage of Gas Masks Confirmed
No Pictures Please
Mother of 7 Plunges to Her Death
Husband Collapses and Dies Near Wife's Grave newsletter: 8fax0212.txt
Jerusalem Killing Probably a Militant Attack
Baghdad Assures Israel That It's Not a Target
25% of Children Under Eight Lack Protective Masks
Special CNN Internet Event with Netanyahu newsletter: 8fax0213.txt
Web Sites Features Israel at 50
Israel to Nuke Saddam Hussein?
State Department Issues Advisory
Special CNN Internet Event with Netanyahu newsletter: 8fax0216.txt
IDF Reserve Pilots Uninsured
PA Requests US Supply Gas Masks
New Deadlier Anthrax
Israeli Jubilee Officially Under Way
Pope Plans Pilgrimage newsletter: 8fax0217.txt
Buy Now and Be Safe in Ashkelon
Senior IDF Home Front Commander Issues Real Warnings
Israel has Enough Gas Masks for All Tourists
IDF Soldier Admits to Murder
Netanyahu Cleared in Botched Hamas Assassination newsletter: 8fax0218.txt
Foreign Press Begin to Arrive
Hamas Threatens Retaliation Attacks on Israel
Times: "Britain Preparing for Chemical Attack"
Secret Israel, Palestinian Talks Held newsletter: 8fax0219.txt
40% Increase in Sales of Plane Tickets Going Abroad
Israel Confirms Message to Iraq -- No Preemptive Strike
Wanted: American Tourism
Three Women from Jerusalem newsletter: 8fax0220.txt
Palestinians Crack Down on Iraqi Sympathizers
Iran Negotiates with Russia for Nuclear Reactor
Knesset Health Spa Was Designated as "Sealed Room"
Kabalists Fly Over Israel to Reverse An Evil Decree
Old Yiddish Recordings Found newsletter: 8fax0223.txt
Iraqi Crisis Update
Will Anthrax Antibiotics be Distributed?
Israelis Get Blasted at Anthrax Party newsletter: 8fax0224.txt
Israeli Tension Relieved
Parents Seek Daughter's Return newsletter: 8fax0225.txt
Mossad Head resigns Over Botched Assassination
Shamir: "Not One Millimeter"
Israel Was Ready With an Offensive
Body of Slain Teen Found in Ramot Forest
Bnei Brak Students Driven to School with Turkeys newsletter: 8fax0226.txt
Student Injured by Atropine Injection
IDF: Iraq Retains Mass Destruction Capability
Russia to Supply Iran with Nuclear Reactor
Soviets Had Tons of Anthrax
Internet Security: Modern Concern of Security Experts
Divorce Proceedings newsletter: 8fax0227.txt
Report: CIA Drafts Iraq Plans
Israeli Special Forces Inside Iraq
God Accused of Having an Affair
Dinner is Served
God's Dialogue with Moses on Mt. Sinai
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