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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0102.txt
Former IDF Chief Chaplain Called for Destroying Al Aksa in 1967
GSS Admits to "Torture"
Human Bones Seen on the Mount of Olives Cemetery newsletter: 8fax0105.txt
Joint Military Exercises
Foreign Minister Levy Resigns
Arafat-Aide Tibi Arrested for Racist Acts
Hebron Kindergarten Hit by Pipe Bombs
Sourif Terrorists Planned to Blow Up El Al Jet newsletter: 8fax0106.txt
A Veteran Illegal Driver
Knesset Approves Netanyahu's Budget
Israel's Government Approves Plan for National Railway
Sabbath-Friendly Phones for Government Figures
Turkey-Israel-US War Games newsletter: 8fax0107.txt
Syria Says Israel's Government Crisis Fabricated
Joint Turkish-Israeli Maneuvers
Nazi Gold May Have Ended Up in China
Burial Confusion newsletter: 8fax0108.txt
Document Suggests Swiss Knew Source of Nazi Funds
Life Aboard Mediterranean Flotilla
Syria Rejects Three-Way Military Maneuvers
Dan Company Driver Punches Blind Passenger
Smithsonian Cancels 'Israel at 50' Lecture Series newsletter: 8fax0113.txt
High Alert Status Continues
More Snow in Israel
Germany will Pay Reparations to Eastern European Jews
Arafat Threatens Intifada
Sharansky Joins Kitchen Cabinet
Saddam Buys Luxury Yacht from Finland newsletter: 8fax0114.txt
Israel Asks Muslim Clerics to Tone Down Sermons
Cabinet Prepares for Netanyahu's US Trip
Hamas Cells Raided By Israelis and Palestinians newsletter: 8fax0115.txt
Female Police Department Officer Raped on PD Base
Cabinet Outlines Withdrawal Position
AIPAC Case Before the Supreme Court newsletter: 8fax0119.txt
Yosef Favors Clemency for Prisoners
Yad Vashem: "We Would Have Permitted Arafat to Visit"
Moslem Student Appeals to High Court over Head Covering
Hamas Vows it Will Not be Stopped newsletter: 8fax0120.txt
Netanyahu Arrives in Washington
PLO Court Jails 2 Hamas Men Over Jerusalem Bombs
Israel Gets Advanced Long Range U.S. F-15 Warplanes
Demographics in Jerusalem
U.S. Holocaust Museum Reconsiders newsletter: 8fax0121.txt
Arafat to be VIP at Holocaust Museum
Netanyahu-Clinton Meet in Washington
Christian Evangelists Praise Netanyahu
Chabad Women Upset Hadassah Hospital Employees newsletter: 8fax0122.txt
Human Rights Group: PLO is "police state"
Arafat to Meet Clinton at White House
The Gulf War Death Toll Reached 119
Jilted Wife Reveals Secret Agent Husband newsletter: 8fax0123.txt
Palestinians Preparing for War
It's Arafat's Time to Visit the White House
No End in Sight to Feud over Conversion
Minister of Trade Sharansky to Visit Pollard
Non-Profit Anti-Circumcision Group Blocked
91-Year Old Man Found Guilty in Wife's Murder newsletter: 8fax0126.txt
Red Heifer Becomes Unfit
Arafat: Israel Offers "Peanuts"
Farrakhan will be Blocked from Temple Mount
Kosher Chicken Turns Havana Shabbat into feast newsletter: 8fax0127.txt
Israeli Arabs Arrested for Suspected Suicide Bombings
Anti-Semites Say Jews are Behind Lewinsky Scandal
Stone-Throwing on Arad-Beersheva Road newsletter: 8fax0128.txt
German Jewish Leader Calls for Vigilance
Germany Remembers the Holocaust
Arab MK Under Investigation for Incitement
Blockage of Cleared Arteries is Prevented
IDF Report: Soldiers Complained Less in 1997 newsletter: 8fax0129.txt
Israel Issues Tough Warning to Iraq
Israel Stops Short of Threatening Iraq
Knesset Gas Mask Supply Found Deficient
Iranian Officials Call for Israel's Total Destruction
Protecting US Troops in the Gulf newsletter: 8fax0130.txt
Christian Border Policeman Insists on New Testament
Search for Missing Submarine to Resume
Iraq Capable of Arming 25 Biological Warheads
Goebbels' Hidden Bunker is Discovered
Jerusalem Rabbi Spotted in Striptease Establishment
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