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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax1201.txt
200,000 Israelis in the Big Apple
Israel Plans to Return More Territory
"Sensational" New Nazi Gold Documents Found newsletter: 7fax1202.txt
Iraq Could Destroy the World
Nazi Gold Conference opens in London
Who Will Succeed Arafat? newsletter: 7fax1203.txt
Postal Blunder in Telegram Delivery
Arafat Complains About Israeli Attempt to Expedite Peace
30 Percent of High School Students Call Themselves "Racists"
Female Pilots at El Al
Israeli Students Perfect Their Egg Drop newsletter: 7fax1204.txt
Arafat Favors Saddam Hussein
Strikers Ordered Back to Work
Albright Plans to Meet Netanyahu and Arafat
Model and Hairdresser Found Dead
Concessions to Farrakhan newsletter: 7fax1208.txt
Empty Mezuzah Cases on Municipal Door Posts
Israel Nationwide Strike Ends
French Rightist: Nazi Gas Chambers Were "Detail of History" newsletter: 7fax1209.txt
Israel's Peres for Palestinian State, Golan Pullout
Islamic Summit Opens in Iran
Turkey Ties to Israel No Threat to Syria
Israel's Mossad Spy Agency Suffers Blow
Swiss Threaten U.S. with Economic Retaliation newsletter: 7fax1210.txt
Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Arrives in Baghdad
Palestinians Mark Intifada's 10th Anniversary
PA to Include Jerusalem in Population Census
PLO State to be Declared in May 1999
Knesset Calls for Pollard to Be Pardoned newsletter: 7fax1211.txt
10th Anniversary of the Intifada
Upgrade of Palestinian U.N. Observer Status Postponed
Palestinian Census Gets Under Way
UBS Apologizes Over Shredded Documents
Maryland Youth Ordered Held Without Bail newsletter: 7fax1212.txt
Knesset Calls for Pollard's Release
Israel Plans to Give PA 10-13 Percent of Land newsletter: 7fax1215.txt
Netanyahu: Israel Won't Commit Suicide to Please U.S.
PM Says Attacks Against his Wife Have Crossed the Line
Knesset Dinning Hall Employee Fired
Farrakhan, In Gaza, Takes Israel by Surprise
Zundel: the Man Who Denied Holocaust Defends Web Site newsletter: 7fax1216.txt
Arafat Warns of Temple Plans
Farrakhan Visit to Al Aksa Canceled
Man Buried Following Religious Dispute
How Much is the Average Jelly Donut?
91% of Jews in Israel Will Light Chanukah Candles
Mother of Fallen IDF Soldier Living in A Car
Jewish Woman Heads for Guyanese Presidency
Netanyahu Sends Letter to Pollard in Jail newsletter: 7fax1217.txt
Swiss Banks Pressured to Settle Holocaust Claims
Yearender: Gaza Development '97
Jewish Woman Heads for Guyanese Presidency
Israeli Dies of Rabies, 3rd This Year
Look at the Bright Side newsletter: 7fax1218.txt
Galil Resident Dies of Rabies
Albright Meets with Netanyahu and Arafat
Beefing Up Security in Jerusalem's Old City
1.71 Million Cell Phone Subscribers in Israel
A Compendium of Arab Hate
North African Immigrants May Now List Birthday on ID Cards newsletter: 7fax1219.txt
Nazi Gold Was in US Federal Reserve
Albright Meets with Netanyahu and Arafat
Police Will Demand NIS 500,000 from Yaakov Schwartz
PA Forces Roundabout Trip on Residents
Jewish Organizations Protest McDonald's in Dachau newsletter: 7fax1222.txt
Egypt Stockpiling Unconventional Weaponry?
Netanyahu-Arafat Exchange Words
Nachum Manbar Trial
Ministry Contemplates Western Wall Tunnel Closure
Israel Will Confiscate Weapons from Israelis Supporting Terror newsletter: 7fax1223.txt
20% Growth in Chanukah Candle Sales
World Leaders to Light Chanukah Lights
Five Indicted in Maccabiah Deaths
Bank Employee Demands Woman's Child Wait Outside
IDF Issues New Sleep Orders
Chanukah 1997-5758
Preview of Catholics' Bethlehem Statement newsletter: 7fax1224.txt
Netanyahu and Arafat Tension Release Toys a Hit
Ritual Baths May Pose Health Hazards
Chabad Constructs the World's Largest Menorah
Soldier's Organs Transplanted to Six Patients
Good Enough for the IDF but Not for Citizenship
Another Tnuva Milk Scandal newsletter: 7fax1226.txt
Iran: U.S. Controlled by Zionists
All Ye Faithful Deserts Bethlehem
No Change in Israel's Nuke Policy
Year-Ender: West Bank '97 newsletter: 7fax1227.txt
Parties Optimistic About Hebron
Netanyahu Letter Promised No Further Withdrawals
Iran Seen as Middle East Nuclear Threat
Stress Enables Passage of Materials From Blood to the Brain
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