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>Israel Faxx
>JN Dec. 19, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 232

Nazi Gold Was in US Federal Reserve

The United States Federal Reserve Bank, as late as 1956, stored over 2,500 bars of Nazi gold stamped with Nazi swastikas and owned by the central banks of the Vatican, Britain, Canada, and other countries. A Jan. 12, 1956, internal Federal Reserve Bank memorandum revealed the existence of the 2,500 bars in its vaults and said that because of the 1946 agreement it had a clean bill of health. The agreement was made between Switzerland and other neutral countries concerning compensation for gold looted by the Nazis.

Albright Meets with Netanyahu and Arafat

By Ron Pemstein (VOA-London)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has finished her latest round of talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in Europe. Albright has recommended to President Clinton that he meet separately with Netanyahu and Arafat next month in Washington. After meeting both men in Europe, she says gaps remain.

Earlier Thursday, the secretary met with Netanyahu. The prime minister failed to give her a detailed map of where Israel plans to re-deploy its soldiers in the West Bank. That is because the Israeli Cabinet has not agreed on a unified position on a withdrawal. Albright has been working with Arafat on a security document to reassure the Israelis.

Police Will Demand NIS 500,000 from Yaakov Schwartz

By IINS News Service

Yaakov Schwartz, 63, of Bnei Brak was reported missing September 10, after visiting the grave of a departed family member in the Ashkelon Cemetery. His abandoned car was found near the crossing into the PLO Authority autonomous city of Gaza. Schwartz was feared to have been abducted by Arab terrorist(s).

He was found about three days later and police eventually learned that Schwartz staged the entire incident. He claimed he wanted to bring the nation closer together.

An intensive manhunt took place for days, involving hundreds of security personnel and volunteers and costing the government over NIS 1 million. The search involved elite units, police helicopters and many overtime man-hours.

Police have decided to sue Schwartz for NIS 500,000 compensatory damage for his actions, which succeeded in placing the entire country on "alert."

PA Forces Roundabout Trip on Residents

By Arutz-7 News Service

The Palestinian Authority forces Gaza residents who wish to go to Jordan to do so via Egypt, instead of taking advantage of an Israeli offer to allow them to be bussed directly from Gaza to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge.

Arutz-7 correspondent Haggai Huberman reports that Israel recently informed the Palestinians that as a good-will gesture, three buses a day would be allowed to travel from Gaza to Jordan. The only stipulation: an IDF jeep would accompany the bus, to ensure that no passengers disembarked en route.

After a few days, the IDF noticed that the buses were empty; upon investigation, it was learned that the PA forbids the residents to use the buses because of the "humiliation" involved in having an IDF escort. Huberman noted that the Egyptian security checks and the 40-hour process do not appear to be a humiliation, as opposed to the 8-hour trip-and-security checks via Allenby.

Jewish Organizations Protest McDonald's in Dachau

By IINS News Service

According to the Florida Sun Sentinel, two Florida Jewish organizations are protesting the presence of McDonald's in the former Nazi death camp.

"This is not Disneyland, this is a death camp", said Bob Kunst, president of Shalom International, an anti-Nazi organization that co-organized the protest. "We are appalled that McDonald's would play this game."

"It's complete with balloons, rides & Ronald McDonald the clown," said Rabbi Yerachmiel Gersh, regional director of the Jewish Defense League, which co-sponsored the event. "We feel that this is a collective slap in the face to Jews worldwide."

Kunst added, "The bottom line, from our perspective, is that McDonald's is trivializing and commercializing the Holocaust and we want them to close shop and get that thing out of there, as it is on the road into the Dachau death camp -- only a few hundred feet from the parking lot."

Not true, a McDonald's spokeswoman said. "We believe they are misinformed and wrong", said Anna Rozenich, a spokeswomen for McDonald's Corp in Oakbrook, Ill.

Shalom International's Bob Kunst, who attended ceremonies for the 50th anniversary of Dachau's liberation, said the restaurant is less than a quarter of a mile from the camp. He asserted that the camp's grounds were littered with McDonald's food wrappers, a disgusting sight, given the fact that the concentration camp's prisoners suffered from malnutrition and starvation.

Barbara Distil, director of the museum at Dachau, said McDonald's circulated fliers in the museum's parking lot last year. "It was done in a very tasteless manner," said Distil, who was contacted in Germany. "We protested to McDonald's regional office in Munich and they dropped this distasteful practice immediately."

The JDL has established a World Wide Web site dedicated to combating the presence of McDonalds in Dachau at:

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