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>Israel Faxx
>JN Dec. 18, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 231

Galil Resident Dies of Rabies

By IINS News Service

The 58-year-old Galil man, who was reported in serious condition Tuesday with rabies, has died. The man died in a Nahariya hospital. He was the third fatality from rabies in Israel this year. About two weeks ago a girl died and about 10-months ago, an IDF soldier died of rabies. Health Ministry officials stated they take this very seriously and everything possible is being done to prevent additional cases in the future.

Albright Meets with Netanyahu and Arafat

By Ron Pemstein (VOA-Paris)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright meets today with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris and later in the day with Palestinian leader, Yasir Arafat in London, before returning to Washington.

Albright said in Israel in September she would not return to the Middle East to waste her time in the region. Instead, she is holding her third meeting with the israeli and palestinian leaders in little more than one month, but all these meetings are being held in Europe.

Netanyahu has let it be known he will hand the secretary of state a map of Israel's security interests in the West Bank. He is not likely to have percentages for an Israeli troop re-deployment because the Israeli Cabinet has not agreed on a unified position.

Albright has pressed Israel for a significant and credible troop re-deployment as a way to encourage the Palestinians to pursue the peace process. When she flies to London, she will have to urge Arafat to remain patient until early next year in the hope Israel will be more forthcoming.

Beefing Up Security in Jerusalem's Old City

By IINS News Service

In an attempt to increase security inside the Old City of Jerusalem, 200 surveillance cameras will be installed to assist security services in monitoring the goings on in the area.

Following the terror attack last month, in which seminary student Gabriel Hirschberg was killed and his associate seriously wounded, and numerous less-severe attacks against Jews inside the Old City, it was decided to install the cameras to increase surveillance of the holy sites, as well as the more isolated areas and alleyways. The cameras will record events taking place 24-hours a day.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Security has decided to increase the number of police troops that will be deployed in proximity of the Western Wall and Al Aksa Mosque.

1.71 Million Cell Phone Subscribers in Israel

By IINS News Service

Cellcom reports that it has more than 820,000 cellular phone subscribers, while Pelephone reports more than 890,000 subscribers.

Separately, a recent survey conducted by IDC shows that mobile telephone penetration is highest in the Sharon Region, with 53% of all households owning cellular telephones; the Jerusalem region has the lowest penetration.

The survey determined that the Greater Tel-Aviv area is the area in which mobile phones are used most, and that Cellcom is the most popular mobile phone provider (56%) with Israel's Jewish population within the Green Line. Approximately 20% of all households with mobile telephones own two or more units.

A Compendium of Arab Hate

By IINS News Service

A special report documenting over 50 anti-Semitic statements made in the past year by the PA media and PA officials was released by the Israel Government Press Office.

The report notes that the Oslo Accords and the Hebron Protocol require the PA to refrain from incitement against Israel and to take measures to prevent others from engaging in it. In violation of the accords, PA officials promote anti-Semitism as an integral part of their rhetoric and encourage its use in the PA media.

According to the report, six recurrent themes are discernible: Classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, Comparisons of Israel with Nazis and fascists, denial of the Holocaust, libelous accusations, delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish people, and equating Zionism with racism

Repeated reference is made by PA to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and Palestinian Authority newspapers publish stories about Jewish "plots" and Jewish "fangs". Jews are often depicted as power-hungry and lusting after money, with occasional references to Shakespeare's Shylock and the Merchant of Venice as examples of Jewish greed.

In the tradition of the medieval blood libel, PA officials have accused Israel of injecting Arabs with the AIDS virus, conducting medical experiments on Arab prisoners and selling spoiled food to Arabs.

The PA media and PA officials have engaged in Holocaust denial and accused Jews of inflating the number of victims in order to profit from it. Ironically, even as they deny the Holocaust, the PA regularly equate Israel with the Nazis and Zionism with Nazism.

North African Immigrants May Now List Birthday on ID Cards

By IINS News Service

Approximately 300,000 Israelis may now have their month and date of birth entered on their official government identification cards.

Interior Minister Eli Suissa announced that any Israeli who has "00/00" written for his month and date of birth, may now have it exchanged for a new card with the data completed.

The problem originated when many of the North African immigrants had their passports taken by Jewish Agency officials upon their arrival. In place of the month/date/39 (year), their identity cards have 00/00/39. Prior to Suissa's announcement, such a change required a long and expensive legal process.

A 58-year-old Mevaseret Tzion resident, born in Tunisia, approached Meretz Party MK Ron Cohen, who was born in Iraq and has no month and date on his identity card. Cohen brought the matter to the attention of Minister Suissa and the bureaucratic wheels moved from there.

To change from the blank date/month to a new card, one must pay NIS 50 and fill out one form, a big difference from the prior legal process which was time consuming and lengthy.

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