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>Israel Faxx
>JN Dec. 15, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 228

Netanyahu: Israel Won't Commit Suicide to Please U.S.

By Mark Lavie (VOA-Tel Aviv)

Israel's Cabinet met Sunday to consider implementation of commitments to hand over additional West Bank territory to Palestinian civilian control. Despite urging from the United States the Israelis seem to be in no hurry.

The Cabinet examined maps of the West Bank prepared by Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordecai and Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon, himself a former defense minister. The maps relate to Israel's interests in the West Bank -- areas the two ministers believe Israel must retain after a permanent peace treaty is signed. It is a long process. Cabinet Minister Yuli Edelstein says Israel can not move faster just because the United States expects results.

The Cabinet reconvenes tuesday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Thursday in Paris. She hopes to hear something concrete. State Department envoy Martin Indyk is in Israel for talks to prepare the Thursday meeting. The Israelis say his presence can be interpreted as pressure, but they insist they must work at their own pace. The Israeli government realizes territory turned over in the interim phase is not likely to be recovered in the permanent peace treaty.

Netanyahu issued a harsh statement, declaring Israel cannot be expected to commit suicide just to win someone else's favor. "Let's not commit suicide in order to please someone," adding the debate over the permanent peace solution is crucial to the future of the state, and those who have to live with the consequences of the decisions of the Cabinet are not the Americans or the Europeans; rather, the people of Israel.

PM Says Attacks Against his Wife Have Crossed the Line

By IINS News Service

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says media attacks against his wife Sara have crossed the line. Weekend newspapers gave considerable space to news pertaining to Mrs. Netanyahu and her difficulties with staff members. She stands accused of ordering General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet) bodyguards to clean up after her children, preventing the prime minister from holding private meetings with Communications Minister Livnat (the only female minister), throwing shoes at her housekeeper and more.

The media has stated her actions are having a direct affect on the prime minister's ability to function in his professional capacity. Labor Party MK Ofir Pines has even called for a special Knesset session, to deal with the first lady's "exceptional behavior."

In a joint statement issued by the prime minister and his wife, the first couple told Yediot it has canceled its subscription to the paper, which they stated has crossed the lines of good taste and is guilty of character assassination.

Knesset Dinning Hall Employee Fired

By IINS News Service

Avigaiyal Sharabi, an employee of the Knesset dining hall, claims she was fired last week for giving MK Chaim Dayan too large a portion. Sharabi explained she served Dayan his meal, but after he complained the portion was too small, she gave him and additional amount. She stated that shortly thereafter, she was informed by her manager that she was fired.

The manager, Motti Simcha, stated that Sharabi had several discipline problems and therefore was fired- one month after she began working in the Knesset. Following the intervention of several Knesset members, Simcha promised to reconsider his decision.

Farrakhan, In Gaza, Takes Israel by Surprise

By IINS News Service

Minister Louis Farrakhan arrived in Ramallah Sunday, weeks earlier than planned. Israeli government sources, taken by surprise, said that he would not be allowed in to Israel unless he recants and publicly apologizes for past anti-Semitic declarations.

Farrakhan was scheduled to meet with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in Gaza, and he said that he hopes to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and visit Jerusalem Monday.

Cabinet Secretary Danny Naveh has asked the Interior and Public Security Ministers to have him deported. "He is an anti-Semite, a hater of Israel, and it is inconceivable that he should walk freely amongst us," he said. Naveh also said that Farrakhan's warm reception by the Palestinians is a proof of their true leanings.

Zundel: the Man Who Denied Holocaust Defends Web Site

By IINS News Service

Ernst Zundel, a man known in Canada for denying the Holocaust, faces a hearing before a Human Rights tribunal. According to the complaint filed by Metropolitan Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall, Zundel's World Wide Web site asks questions relating to the genocide of 6 million Jews and questioning if it ever took place. Hall insists the site is disturbing, hate mongering and should not be permitted. If found guilty, the human rights board can force the removal of the site from the Internet.

(From Ernst Zundel's Web Site)
Who else is here and left to fight against Zionism, eternal Hate and Destruction, Defamation and the NEW WORLD ORDER (Ed. Caps sic). Ernst Zundel is therefore for the Zionist "THE MOST WANTED MAN" on earth. He is the one who toppled the Zionist 6-Million lie and disclosed 50 Years of Holo-Hoax. And - hopefully - one of these Days, the all Nations will wake up and stop their tribute payment to Israel as well.

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