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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax1001.txt
Jews Around the World Celebrate Rosh HaShanah newsletter: 7fax1006.txt
Attempted Terror Attack in Northern Tel-Aviv
Jewish Astronaut Marks Holiday on Mir
Netanyahu Under Fire for Botched Assassination Attempt newsletter: 7fax1007.txt
Hamas Sheikh Returns to Gaza
Swiss Banks Postpone 2nd List in Search for Holocaust Money
Danger Signals From Egypt newsletter: 7fax1008.txt
Nazis Stole $8.5 Billion in Gold, Report Says
Clinton: Send Netanyahu and Arafat to North Pole
Hamas Founder: Islam Does Not Allow for a Cease Fire newsletter: 7fax1009.txt
Socialite Who Helped Jews is Mourned
Papon Nazi Trial Gets Under Way
Arafat and Netanyahu Meet at Midnight newsletter: 7fax1010.txt
Deliberations Open in Papon Holocaust Trial
Flak Flies in Failed Assassination Attempt
Russia Says It Foiled Iranian Attempt to Buy Missile Technology
50 Years of Aliyah to Israel newsletter: 7fax1013.txt
Israel Committee Investigates Bungled Assassination Attempt
Russia Says It Foiled Iranian Attempt to Buy Missile Technology
50 Years of Aliyah to Israel newsletter: 7fax1014.txt
Jailers Forget to Give Food to Rabin's Killer
Nine More Israeli Prisoners Released
"Sickly" Papon Spotted at Luxury Hotel
Strong Earthquake on the Way newsletter: 7fax1015.txt
Israel Releases Tax Revenue to Palestinians
Religious MKs Demand Two Laws newsletter: 7fax1016.txt
Consumer Price Index Drops for the First Time in 30-Years
Interview with the Sheikh
Palestinians Building Under Temple Mount
Succot newsletter: 7fax1017.txt
Swiss Banks to Publish Accounts, New Money Found
Interview with the Sheikh (Pt. 2) newsletter: 7fax1020.txt
Succot Storms Hit the Promised Land
Netanyahu: "War to the Death"
Arafat's Quivering Lip: Photographers Warned Off
Conversion Law Row Reaches a Head
Yassin: "Israel Must Disappear' newsletter: 7fax1021.txt
Gunmen Kill Abu Nidal Kin in Beirut
Yassin Continues to Call for All-Out Jihad
US Extradition Request for Teenager
Two Sisters in Ben Gurion Jail for Six Days newsletter: 7fax1022.txt
U.S. Report on Nazi Gold Criticizes Neutral Nations
Hizbullah Says Israelis are True Terrorists
Burg Warns of Major Split
Maryland Murder Case newsletter: 7fax1023.txt
Iraq has biological weapons
Who is a Jew?
Iran Says Nuclear Cooperation with China Peaceful
Rabbinical Court Rules Danny Sa'il is Dead newsletter: 7fax1024.txt
Peace Possible on Palestinian-Israeli Sesame Street newsletter: 7fax1027.txt
Pollard Appeals to Israel
Israel Attacks Terrorists in Beirut Suburb
The Ultimate Meal
Anti-Defamation League Tells of Rise in Hate Web Sites
Palestinians Harass Christians newsletter: 7fax1028.txt
Judge Ordered Police to Escort Prisoner to Feed his Birds
Netanyahu Heckled as Knesset Convenes
U.S. to Israel: Stop Wasting Time
U.S. Couple Adopts Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower
Ultra-Orthodox School Refuses to Accept Ethiopian Student newsletter: 7fax1029.txt
Netanyahu's Mom Hospitalized
Compromise Accepted by Reform and Conservative Movements
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef; "Israeli Courts are Unfit to Judge Jews"
Reform U.S. Jews Threaten to Cancel Financial Assistance
Israel Hears Pollard's Voice newsletter: 7fax1030.txt
Nazi Website Disputes Holocaust
Swiss Banks Publish 14,000 More Dormant Account Names
German Army Probed for Nazi Sentiment
Rabin Assassination Plot Reporter Kept Off the Air newsletter: 7fax1031.txt
Top Theologian Says Religion Fueled Anti-Semitism
Vatican Prepares A Major "Mea Culpa Over Anti-Semitism"
Soldier with Appendicitis Told to Hitchhike
Bedouin Tensions Rising
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