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>Israel Faxx
>JN Oct. 21, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 192

Gunmen Kill Abu Nidal Kin in Beirut

By IINS News Service

BEIRUT--Unidentified gunmen Monday shot dead a relative of notorious Palestinian extremist leader Abu Nidal and wounded another in an incident reportedly linked to an inter-Palestinian struggle.

Lebanese security sources said the assailants, with silencer-equipped pistols, fired on Omar al Banna and his brother Nasreddine when their car stopped at an intersection in west Beirut.

The sources said Omar died instantly. His brother was critically hurt with six bullet wounds. Nasreddine's 7-year-old daughter, who was also in the car but escaped unharmed, said the assailants shot at her father and uncle from close range.

Both men were identified as relatives of Sabri al-Banna, better known as Abu Nidal, who gained notoriety for a series of terrorist attacks against Israel since the late 1970s. The brothers arrived in Lebanon from Libya nearly 10 months ago.

Yassin Continues to Call for All-Out Jihad

By Arutz-7

The recently released leader of the Hamas terrorist organization Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has words of praise for the recent suicide bombings in Jerusalem. In a interview published in Monday's Jerusalem-based Al Quds newspaper, Yassin said that were it not for the latest suicide bombings, Secretary of State Albright would not have come to the Middle East and the negotiations would have remained at a standstill.

Yassin declared yesterday in the Palestinian parliament in Gaza that the "Jihad against Israel will continue until the complete liberation of Palestine." In an interview published Saturday in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Yassin condemned the killing of women and children as a violation of Islamic law and at the same time he justified suicide bombings against Israeli citizens.

The Hamas terrorist leader condemned Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat for signing an agreement with Israel, and said that Israel must disappear from the map.

US Extradition Request for Teenager

By IINS News Service

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court heard the State's case Monday and will decide if a 17-year-old US citizen wanted in the murder of another teenager in the Washington suburb of Silver Spring, Md., can be extradited.

The attorney general ruled that the boy is not an Israeli citizen, as believed earlier and therefore, may indeed be sent to the US to stand trial for his actions. Earlier, it was believed that he was a citizen and according to Israeli law, Israel was unable to honor the US extradition request.

The suspect, Samuel Sheinbein, is wanted for the first degree murder, mutilation and burning of the body of Alfredo Enrique Tello, 19. Sheinbein fled to Israel a few day after the body was found Sept. 18.

US officials have applied a great deal of pressure on Israel to comply with the extradition request, including the freezing of financial aid to Israel.

The counsel for the defense, former Minister of Justice David Libai stated the boy and his father are indeed citizens and the State's case is not so "cut and dried," as they would like it to appear. Libai stressed that the boy's father has maintained ties in Israel since leaving as a child over 40-years ago.

Even if the Court rules in favor of the State, then the process of a formal extradition request must be started again and US judicial officials must reapply to have the murder suspect extradited.

It is also expected that the family of the suspect will appeal a ruling against them to the High Court of Justice.

Two Sisters in Ben Gurion Jail for Six Days

By IINS News Service

Two sisters, new immigrants from the CIS, have been in the detention jail of Ben Gurion International Airport for the past six days.

According to Interior Ministry officials, the two sisters, 19 and 22-years-old, arrived without documentation from the Jewish Agency. They stated they received the tickets from relatives in Israel and therefore, did not need assistance from the government agency.

Ministry officials do not believe their story and feared their documentation may have been forged.

Absorption Ministry officials stated even if this was the case, the two could have been held in a more comfortable setting, and it was not necessary to place them in jail for six days. Interior Ministry officials stated they were unable to really check out the women's story, due to the Sukkot Holiday and therefore the two were detained for almost one week.

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