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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0801.txt
Shuk Reopens After Wednesday's Carnage
Holocaust Survivors Sue Swiss Banks newsletter: 7fax0804.txt
New Law Provides for Shared Maternity Leave
Israel Remains on Alert for Terrorist Activity
Hamas Denies Involvement with Subway Bombers newsletter: 7fax0805.txt
Dakar Search Continues with US Assistance
Ellis Island: The Island of Tears newsletter: 7fax0806.txt
Israel Spurns Arafat Offer to Fight "Terror"
Levy Flies to Cairo to Defend Israeli Actions
Vatican Bank Dealt with Reichsbank in War-Document
Syria's Assad Renews No-Compromise Vow on Golan
Arab Teenage Bomb Victim Close to Death newsletter: 7fax0807.txt
Arafat Calls for "The Great Battle"
Clinton to Arafat: Take a Hard Line
Etzion Banned from Temple Mount
Palestinians Complain They Can't Use Israeli Medical Services newsletter: 7fax0808.txt
Muslim Leader Justifies Terrorism Against Israel
Arafat Threatens Israel with Violence
U.S. Criticizes Israeli and Palestinian Leaders
Israel May Ask EU to Prohibit Hamas' Fund-Raising newsletter: 7fax0811.txt
Survivors to Receive Stolen Gold
Syria-Iran Alliance "Potentially Hazardous"
Near-Tragedy in IAF Base
Hollinger's Talks With Jerusalem Report Magazine Stalled newsletter: 7fax0812.txt
Palestinians Meet with Israelis
Palestinian Legislature Weighs Draft
Another Piece in the 'Eastern Front' Puzzle?
High Court Reverses Rabbinical Court Decision
Nathan's of Coney Island Dogs Coming to Israel newsletter: 7fax0813.txt
PLO Settles Klinghoffer's Achille Lauro Lawsuit
Jews Arrested at Temple Mount
Conservative Worshipers Expelled from Western Wall
CIA will be Involved in PLO-Israel Peace Talks newsletter: 7fax0814.txt
Intelligence Reports Warn of Another Terrorist Attack
Assad; "Netanyahu is an Enemy of Peace"
Netanyahu Meets King Hussein in Aqaba
Germans Express Shock at Gestapo HQ newsletter: 7fax0818.txt
Hizbullah World Wide Web Site
Arafat Rejects Israel Conditions
Graves of Children from Yemen Empty
Auschwitz Committee Calls for Closing Riefenstahl Exhibit
Hugo Boss Confronted With Nazi Past newsletter: 7fax0819.txt
Jordan Arrest Terrorists Planning Israel Attack
Hamas Officials Praise Arafat
Syria Planning Major Soviet Arms Deal
Holocaust Victims Lawyer: Insurers Can't hide Behind Secrecy
Israel Appoints First Muslim IDF Chaplain
Poll Reveals High Religious Numbers newsletter: 7fax0820.txt
Children of Israeli Immigrants to U.S to Serve in IDF
Hizbullah Rockets Hit Northern Israel
Many Nazi-Era Physicians Experimented on Jews
Israel Entertaining Paid Entry to Major Cities newsletter: 7fax0821.txt
Arrow Missile Test A Failure
Israel Retaliates for Katyusha Rocket Attacks
Germans May Compensate Eastern Europe Jews
Archaeologists Discover Skeletons of Jews newsletter: 7fax0822.txt
Hitler Wanted to Kill Allied POWS
State Department to Arafat: Keep Your Mouth Shut
Non-Jewish New Immigrant from Russia Deported
Hospital Ordered to Pay AIDS Patient NIS 300,000
Hizbullah Acquires Long-Range Katyusha Rockets
Israel Skyship
Israel Cuts Telephone Rates to U.S. newsletter: 7fax0825.txt
Arabs, Jews May Share Common Gene
Netanyahu Building Far East Trade Relations
Toyota at Erez?
Israel and Nazi Puppet State of Croatia Plan Formal Ties
More Racism in IDF
Israeli Companies Sold Military Equipment To Iran
TV Commercial Features Israel Milk During Mir Space Walk newsletter: 7fax0826.txt
Nazi-Style Sterilizations Shock Swedes
Israel May Join the British Commonwealth
Austrian Foreign Ministry Won't Give Gold to Nazi Victims
Silence About Children's Deportation Grips French Town
Netanyahu Visits Japan newsletter: 7fax0827.txt
Netanyahu Speaks About Syria in Japan
Russia Government Aids Iran In Missile Manufacture
"Israel Tried to Sabotage Hizbullah Website"
Israeli Computer Viruses Strike Again
Arafat Won't Agree to Oslo Freeze newsletter: 7fax0828.txt
Hamas Says Attacks will Continue
Americans Against Israeli Dam
Century of Zionism Marked in Switzerland
Prime Minister Arrives in South Korea newsletter: 7fax0829.txt
The Missing Children of Yemen
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