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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0701.txt
Secret Meeting in Eilat
Jordan Court Told Soldier Might be Mentally Ill
Muslim Censors Rip Belly Dancer's Costume
Lasers Produce Blood Vessels in Heart Muscle newsletter: 7fax0702.txt
Less Than 10 Hours to New York
Poll: Three of Four Israelis Want Change in Government
Israeli Students Cheat on Bible Exam
Palestinians Call for Wednesday General Strike in Hebron
Hong Kong's Jewish Community newsletter: 7fax0703.txt
Unrest Spreads to Gaza
In Whom Do We Trust?
Hong Kong's Jewish Community newsletter: 7fax0707.txt
Can Pollard Serve His Sentence in Israel?
Hizbullah Terrorists Attacked in Lebanon
The Old Testament According to Arafat
No Direct Early Warning for Israel in Case of Missile Attack
Herodian Entrance to Palace Discovered at Masada newsletter: 7fax0708.txt
Arabs Say Israelis Ransacked School
Terrorist Sentenced in Military Court
Barak Led Abu Jihad Execution
Possible Spy Trade for Pollard Release
Iranian Dissident Fingers Tehran for Lockerbie newsletter: 7fax0709.txt
Palestinian Police Beat Monks and Nuns
Swiss Gold Update
Arafat's "New Eastern Front" Against Israel
"Exodus 1947" Captured by the British newsletter: 7fax0710.txt
Disney to Produce Film on Ethiopian Operation
Clinton Concerned Peace Process Deterioration
Arafat Ordered Assault in Hebron Church
Lau Meets Lew newsletter: 7fax0711.txt
Gush Katif Residents Accuse IDF of Using Disguised Arabs
Anti-Christian Bill Passes First Knesset Reading
Swiss Gold Update
Palestine Refugee Appeal newsletter: 7fax0714.txt
16 Wounded as Hebron Unrest Continues
Jerusalem Consul-General Resigns newsletter: 7fax0715.txt
Arab Nurses Charged with Murder of Elderly Patient
Australian Dies as Bridge Collapses at Maccabiah Games
Mufti Calls for Destruction of America newsletter: 7fax0716.txt
Tragedy Strikes Maccabiah Games
Condom Found in Can of Pickles
New Laws for IDF Reservists
Sexual Exploitation in Israel: 1,770 Girls Victimized newsletter: 7fax0717.txt
House of Representatives Grants Asylum to Swiss Guard
UN General Assembly Condemns Israel
Australians Fell into a Polluted Yarkon River newsletter: 7fax0718.txt
Egypt Police Catch Member of Group That Killed Sadat
Israel Labor Leader Says Compromise Brings Peace
Pig Poster Suspect's Trial Adjourned
News in Brief newsletter: 7fax0721.txt
Jordanians Protest Killer's Life Sentence
Cabinet Discusses PA-Sponsored Terrorism
Anti-Semites Find New Ways to Convey Message newsletter: 7fax0722.txt
Palestinian Police Uncover West Bank Bomb Lab
Wiesenthal Center: Mandela, Protect South African Jews
U.S. Urges Palestinians to Clean House newsletter: 7fax0723.txt
Netanyahu Loses Confidence Vote but Stays in Power
Dead Sea Scroll Conference Under Way
Document Says Vatican Hid Fascist Gold newsletter: 7fax0724.txt
10 Hurt in Jaffa Stabbing Attack
Germany Wants Italy to Extradite Priebke
Swiss Bank List on Web is Hit and Miss newsletter: 7fax0725.txt
Netanyahu Backtracks on Golan Law
Nazis, Collaborators May Be On Swiss Bank List
Nationwide Strike Ends
Uzi Sub-Machine Gun Now Available in USA
Court Allows Prayer on Temple Mount newsletter: 7fax0728.txt
Former Vermont Governor's Mom on Swiss List
Etzion Arrested at Temple Mount
Saddam's Son Kills Woman newsletter: 7fax0729.txt
Palestinians Could Have Capital in Metropolitan Jerusalem
Peace Talks Will Reconvene
Iraq: All Arabs But Palestinians Can Be Citizens
Excavations at the Western Wall are Complete
Islamic Leaders: No Prayer for Jews on Temple Mount newsletter: 7fax0730.txt
Turkey to Aid Israel in Case of Attack
Syria Preparing, Israel Not Ready
Iranian Missiles will Threaten Israel Within Two Years
Bank Says Shredded Files May be Linked to Jewish Property
Seized Chabad Library will Go Public newsletter: 7fax0731.txt
14 Dead, 150 Wounded in Hamas Jerusalem Attack
Terror Warnings & High Alert
Clinton Denies Ignoring Peace Process
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