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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0602.txt
New Documents Found on Nazi Looting of Jews
Palestinians Arrested in Third Land Sale Murder
Syria Willing to Talk Without Withdrawal
Iran's New President on Israel
In Their Own Words newsletter: 7fax0603.txt
Police Ordered to Protect Land-Selling Muslims
Jerusalem Day: 30 Years Later
Red Heifer Dispatch
"Resistance of the Heart" newsletter: 7fax0604.txt
PKK to hit Turkish tourism, U.S., Israeli targets
Labor Elects Barak to Replace Peres newsletter: 7fax0605.txt
European Ties with Nazis will be Investigated
Six Days Which Shook the Arab World newsletter: 7fax0606.txt
Is War Possible in the Middle East?
Does Bible Hold Code That Tells Future? newsletter: 7fax0611.txt
Volcker Asks Swiss to Disclose Holocaust Accounts
Gingrich: Palestinians Act Like Nazis
Nobel Committee Asked to Revoke Arafat's Peace Prize
The Israel Festival of Music, Dance and Theater newsletter: 7fax0612.txt
The Mouse and El Al
Egyptian Envoy to Meet with Netanyahu, Arafat
Barak Follows in Rabin's Footsteps newsletter: 7fax0613.txt
Arabs Burst Into Morag
SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Menachem Brod, Chabad Spokesman
Heaven's Gate newsletter: 7fax0616.txt
Netanyahu Won't Be Indicted
Poll: Palestinians Would Accept Divided Jerusalem
Clashes Continue in Hebron
Jerusalem Church Leader Praises Iranian Support newsletter: 7fax0617.txt
Fatah Condemns American Decision, Justifies Terror
Fighting Continues in Hebron and Gaza Strip
Narkiss: Dayan Didn't Want to Take Jerusalem's Old City
All In A Day's Work newsletter: 7fax0618.txt
Jews Put in Swiss Forced Labor Camps
Gaza & Hebron - Hotbeds
Iran Test Fires Cruise Missile
Turkish Naval Stop in Israel
Shaul Eisenberg Estate newsletter: 7fax0619.txt
Meridor Resignation
Swiss Charged with Making Coins from Victims' Gold Teeth
Middle East Peace Proposal newsletter: 7fax0620.txt
Egypt Says it will Continue Peace Initiative
Two Women Married by Rabbi in Tel Aviv
AJC Poll: U.S. Jews Still Anxious About Anti-Semitism newsletter: 7fax0623.txt
Syria Prepares Chemical Missiles
Israeli Thief Praised for Finding Terrorist Bomb
Sharing Jerusalem newsletter: 7fax0624.txt
Israel's Netanyahu Seals Accord on 'Who is a Jew'
Swiss Holocaust Charity
Nazi Insurance newsletter: 7fax0625.txt
Israel Takes sixth in Car Rally in Jordan
Hero-Addict-Thief Begins Recovery Program
Bnei Brak Crime Up
Egypt--Female Circumcision newsletter: 7fax0626.txt
Holocaust Victims Won't Get Looted Nazi Gold
ADL Doesn't Agree with Death Camp Protester
Wiesenthal Center Holds Nazi Gold News Conference newsletter: 7fax0627.txt
U.S Relaxes Computer Export Curbs to Israel
Barak Calls for Restarting Peace Process
Netanyahu Doesn't Listen to Constituency
Pope Calls for Resumption of Peace Talks newsletter: 7fax0630.txt
Former Israelite Reporter Honored
Government to Block Anti-Missionary Bill
Tel Aviv Court Rules Father Must Make Compensation
Sara Netanyahu Erupts During TV Interview
Secret Meeting in Eilat
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