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Mordechai Confirms Syrian Nerve Gas Threats
Syria Denies Nerve Gas Allegations
Pollard Files Suit Against Israeli Gov't
NIS 1 Billion for Roads to Circumvent Autonomy Areas
Ben Gurion Airport to Close on Sabbath? newsletter: 7fax0502.txt
Mubarak, Assad Meet at Sharm
Ross Returning to Middle East
Muslims Condemn Discrimination newsletter: 7fax0505.txt newsletter: 7fax0506.txt
Israel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day
Bormann's Children Want his DNA Tested
Mubarak, Arafat Develop Their Strategy newsletter: 7fax0507.txt
Marzook Lawyer Denounces U.S. Justice
Weizman Holds Talks with Arafat newsletter: 7fax0508.txt
Israel Denies Spying on U.S.A.
Nazis Melted Holocaust Victims' Gold Teeth newsletter: 7fax0509.txt
U.S.A Lo Maveen Ivrit
Holocaust Memorialized at the Capitol newsletter: 7fax0512.txt
Israel's Population Now 5.8 Million
Happy 49th Birthday Israel
New Government Map: West Bank to be Split newsletter: 7fax0513.txt
Nazi Opponent May be Beatified
Netanyahu Announces Conditions for Resuming Peace Talks
Ford's Air Conditioner Invented by the Greenberg Bothers newsletter: 7fax0514.txt
Irgun Monument in Acre
And the Peace Talks Go Round and Round....
Israel and the Auto Industry newsletter: 7fax0515.txt
Peru police fear PLO moves on Jewish, U.S. targets
Islam and the U.S. Constitution newsletter: 7fax0516.txt
10 percent of Nazi Gold may be from Victims
Ross Ends His Mediation Today
Israel Couple's Lawsuit Attacks Orthodox Judaism newsletter: 7fax0519.txt
Jobs in Israel
Palestinians Insist on Settlement Freeze
The End of 26 Centuries of Mesopotamian Jewish History newsletter: 7fax0520.txt
Second Palestinian Murdered for Selling Land
Conference Suggested for Disposition of Holocaust Victims' Gold
Missionary Activity to be Banned newsletter: 7fax0521.txt
Former USSR Immigrants Constitute 10.6 Percent of Population.
7 Million Jews Perished in Holocaust
Terrorist Boat Blown Up
Ethiopian Murder-Suicide
The Turner Diaries: Murder by the Book newsletter: 7fax0522.txt
Yediot Interviews Arafat
Jewish Assets in Jordan
Palestinians Arrest TV Journalist newsletter: 7fax0523.txt
Bronfman Named to Swiss Holocaust Fund Board
Switzerland Denies Prolonging WW2
Swiss Gold Whistleblower Seeks Refuge newsletter: 7fax0527.txt
Palestinian Sermon: Return to Jaffa, Haifa, Safed
Campaign Against Family Violence
An Oral History of the Holocaust
Students Count Holocaust Dead with Soda Can Tabs newsletter: 7fax0528.txt
Husseini Warns of War
Egyptian-Israeli Summit at Sharm
Smokers Choke at Rabbi's Rage newsletter: 7fax0529.txt
Palestinians Plan Statehood
Many Non-Jews Amongst Immigrant Soldiers
AJC Urges Israelis to Oppose Conversion Bill
Public Outcry newsletter: 7fax0530.txt
Egyptians Continue Peace Efforts
Trial for Jordanian Soldier Begins
New Israeli Submarine Launched in Germany
Jerusalem Population Statistics Released
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