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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0401.txt
Wagner Great-Grandson Haunted by Family's Nazi Past
Arabs Say They'll Freeze Relations with Israel
A Jew is a Jew, is a Jew
Hale-Bopp Comet in for a Visit newsletter: 7fax0402.txt
Two Miracles in Gush Katif
King Hussein Meets with President Clinton
Reform Judaism Rebukes "Ultra-Orthodox"
First Reading of Conversion Law Passed by Knesset newsletter: 7fax0403.txt
Molotov Cocktail Injures Several Israelis
Netanyahu will Meet with Clinton
King Hussein Meets with Albright newsletter: 7fax0404.txt
Israel Deposits 500 Million Shekels in Secret Arafat Account
Terror Victim Sues Arafat
Historian: Jews Served in Wehrmacht newsletter: 7fax0407.txt
Clinton and Netanyahu Meet Monday
Demonstrations Mark "Land Day"
Iran Sends Syria 25 Fighter Planes
Ethiopians Accuse IDF of Discrimination newsletter: 7fax0408.txt
Clinton Doesn't Rule Out Camp David Approach
Arafat Says Israel Declared War on Palestinians newsletter: 7fax0409.txt
Three Palestinians Killed in Hebron Fire Fight
Non-Aligned Movement Agree to Freeze Israeli Relations
Swiss Banks Closed Thousands of Pre-War Accounts newsletter: 7fax0410.txt
Funeral for Slain Palestinian Spawns New Clashes
Albright Invites Palestinian Leaders newsletter: 7fax0411.txt
Clashes Continue in Hebron
Report Says U.S. Let Nazis Move Gold Via New York
Nazi Prison Guard Loses U.S. Citizenship
Muslims Upset About Nike Logo newsletter: 7fax0414.txt
Reform, Conservative Jews Cut Contributions
Palestinian Wounds 3 at Allenby Bridge
Palestinian Authority Acquires Anti-Tank Missiles newsletter: 7fax0415.txt
Ross Heads for the Middle East
Insurance Companies Pressured to Settle Holocaust Claims
Sticks, Stones and Fire Bombs Punctuate Hebron
Priebke Stands Trial for a Second Time newsletter: 7fax0416.txt
IDF Confiscates Weapons from Jews
Abu Marzook Won't be Released from U.S. Prison
Ross Due to Arrive in Israel
Spring is Bursting Out All Over
Chimpanzees Treated with Syrups for Humans Recover from Flu newsletter: 7fax0417.txt
Jewish Prisoners on Passover
Closure on Judea and Samaria Follows Terror Warnings
Scandal May Result in Netanyahu's Indictment
Uri Zohar to Host TV Show newsletter: 7fax0418.txt
Holocaust Orphans: A Cry From the Heart
Courtesy of Cable News Network newsletter: 7fax0421.txt
Netanyahu Won't be Indicted, But New Elections are Possible
Argentina Investigates Past as Nazi Haven
Pesach on the Internet
IDF on Alert for Terrorist Attacks
Seders for Hundreds Around the World newsletter: 7fax0423.txt
Israel in the Wake of Netanyahu's Problems newsletter: 7fax0424.txt
A Tale of Two Hills
Israelis aided Peruvian hostage rescue newsletter: 7fax0425.txt
Leaking package at B'nai B'rith makes people sick
Invisible Ink Underwear Trial Gets Underway
U.N. General Assembly Opens Emergency Session newsletter: 7fax0428.txt
Wallenberg Honored on Postage Stamp newsletter: 7fax0429.txt
Netanyahu Rejects Early Elections
Israel: Business vs Religion newsletter: 7fax0430.txt
Syria Prepares Poison Gas for Israel
In Their Own Words
Micronesia Shows Gratefulness
Technion will Launch Satellite in July
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