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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0210.txt
Palestinians Concerned About Israeli Commitments
Future of Jerusalem Generates Debate
Jane's: Middle East Conflict "Closer Than Before" newsletter: 7fax0211.txt
Children of the Holocaust
Erich Priebke to be Retried newsletter: 7fax0212.txt
Israel Starts Release of Palestinian Women Prisoners
Bibi Modifies Pre-Condition Request
Pollard's Wife Appeals to Netanyahu
Highway Junction Lights Turn on Only when Traffic Approaches newsletter: 7fax0213.txt
Netanyahu Meets Today with Clinton
Arab School Principal Under Fire for Comments on IDF Soldiers newsletter: 7fax0214.txt
Netanyahu Meets with Clinton
Breakthrough Between Swiss and WJC newsletter: 7fax0217.txt
Assad Comatose for Two Weeks
Netanyahu on Syria, Iran and Iraq
Agreement Reached on Swiss-Jewish Deposits newsletter: 7fax0218.txt
Netanyahu's American Vacation Ends
Israeli Training Plan Against AIDS, in Libya newsletter: 7fax0219.txt
Temple Feast
Egypt: "Spies" Used Women's Underwear
Yeltsin Greets Arafat as Friend
Palestinian Stock Exchange Opens newsletter: 7fax0220.txt
Netanyahu Gave 50-50 Map to Clinton
Nazis Shipped Gold to Spain and Portugal
Joint Tourism Effort Underway
Blind Bugs are Safer newsletter: 7fax0224.txt
Non-Conventional Terror Warning
Netanyahu Outlines His View of Peace
Mubarak and Assad Coordinate Efforts
PLO to Join British Commonwealth?
Is Tenenbaum an Israeli Spy? newsletter: 7fax0225.txt
Developing Relations Between Israel and Yemen
Arafat Signs Trade Pact with European Union
The Sears-like Catalog of Islamic Clothing newsletter: 7fax0226.txt
Government Never Forbade Temple Mount Prayer
Jerusalem Jewish Neighborhood to Proceed
Scandal Rocks Netanyahu's Party
Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation
Medication for Alzheimer's Disease from Chinese Plant newsletter: 7fax0227.txt
Device Wakes Up Sleepy Drivers
Palestinian, Syria, Call Apartments "Declaration of War"
Orthodox Jew Tried to Kill Peres in Jacksonville newsletter: 7fax0228.txt
Palestinians Demonstrate in Jerusalem
Flatow Family Sues Iran
ADL Cites Internet Anti-Semitism
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