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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0102.txt
Israeli Soldier Opens Fire in Hebron newsletter: 7fax0103.txt
IDF Detains Friedman's Alleged Accomplice
Syria Blames Mossad for Bus Bombing
Nazi Guard Fires Gun at Kansas City Police newsletter: 7fax0107.txt
Knesset Condemns Switzerland
Arafat Changes His Mind; Netanyahu Executes "Tactical Retreat"
Palestinians Pollute Mediterranean
German Brewery Taps Kosher Market newsletter: 7fax0108.txt
Swiss Accused of Camouflaging Nazi Gold newsletter: 7fax0109.txt
40% of Arabs Support Terror
U.S. Engineers Survey Main Hebron Road
The Ramadan Lantern
First Israeli Transplant of Liver From Living Donor newsletter: 7fax0110.txt
Bombs in Tel Aviv Market Injure 11
Ashrawi Reacts to Israeli Housing Plans
American Jewish Committee Examines Latin American Jewry newsletter: 7fax0113.txt
Palestinian Airways Up, Up and Away
Pope to Apologize for Anti-Semitism
Bomb Explosions Remain Unsolved newsletter: 7fax0114.txt
IDF On-Line
Ambassador Optimistic on Troop Withdrawal
Negotiations Continue with a False Bomb Scare newsletter: 7fax0115.txt
Midnight Meeting May Result in Hebron Withdrawal
South Africa Sells Syria Tank Equipment
Romania, Romania newsletter: 7fax0116.txt
President Clinton Praises Hebron Accord
Hebron Accord is Initialed newsletter: 7fax0117.txt
Swiss Apologize to Jews
Knesset Votes to Confirm Hebron Accord newsletter: 7fax0120.txt
53 Women will be Allowed to Remarry
Arafat Delivers Victory Speech in Hebron
Christians Against Hebron Withdrawal
It's Two Boys and a Girl!
Priesthood is Genetic newsletter: 7fax0121.txt
Israel Joins List of Developed Nations
Prime Minister Responds to Arafat Speech
Joint Israeli-Palestinian Patrols in Hebron
Jewish Hebron Settlers Vow to Remain newsletter: 7fax0122.txt
Congress: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestinians Cooperate for War newsletter: 7fax0123.txt
Jewish Committee May Investigate Swiss Involvement
Sweden Accepted Nazi Gold
Joint Tourism Campaign Underway
South Africa Defers Sale to Syrian Military
Doing Business With the Palestinian Authority newsletter: 7fax0124.txt
Americans in Concentration Camps Can Receive Compensation
Israelis Abroad May be Allowed to Vote
Age of Aquarius Dawned Thursday With a Star of David newsletter: 7fax0127.txt
Israeli Cure for Psoriasis
Arafat Says Charter Won't be Amended
Bibi: Jerusalem is Not Negotiable
Natan Sharansky Returns to Russia
Saddam Hides Biological Weapons
French Admit Holding 1,963 Stolen Jewish Paintings newsletter: 7fax0128.txt
Arafat Promises No Independence; Yet
Sharansky Visits Russia
Swiss Ambassador to U.S. Resigns
French Museums Hold Jewish Works of Art newsletter: 7fax0129.txt
Swiss Must Deal with World War 2 Role newsletter: 7fax0130.txt
Rioting Expected at Temple Mount
Marzuk Agrees Not to Fight Extradition
Middle East Leaders will Head to Washington
50% of Songs Must Be Hebrew
Sharansky Makes First Headlines in Russia newsletter: 7fax0131.txt
Hamas: Don't Extradite Abu Marzouk to Israel
Hizbullah Bomb Kills Three Soldiers
Sharansky Visits His Soviet Prison Cell
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