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Palestinian Pollution Threatens Israel
Rabbinical Students Return to Joseph's Tomb
Saudis Warn of War Against Israel
Progress on Ron Arad?
Netanyahu, Arafat May Meet on Hebron in Lisbon
Rabbi Rules to Dispose of Missionary Booklets
Conversion Law to be Amended newsletter: 6fax1203.txt
Eva Braun play panned by critics in Berlin
UK Press: Thousands of Jews Served in Nazi Army
The Eldridge Street Synagogue newsletter: 6fax1204.txt
Israeli Poll: 47 Percent Expect Civil War newsletter: 6fax1205.txt
World Jewish Congress Releases Document on Nazi Funds
Israel Admits to a Commando Squad
National Unity Government in Works?
Palestinian Jailer Kills Prisoner newsletter: 6fax1206.txt
Hanukkah Stamp is Now Available
Hanukkah in Easy English newsletter: 6fax1209.txt
Senator Charges Swiss Flew Nazis to Safety
Arafat Predicts War May Erupt
Israel Prepared for Golan Attack newsletter: 6fax1210.txt
The Western Wall Goes Live on the Internet
Tomb of Patriarchs Desecrated
Tension Escalates in Hebron
Mazel Tov Mohelim newsletter: 6fax1211.txt
A Gesture to Arab Journalists
Israeli Housing Planned for East Jerusalem
Palestinians Possess Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Israeli, Arab Officials Discussing Connecting Railway Systems
Arab Knesset Member: "Continue the Intifada"
A Carpet That Knows How to Count newsletter: 6fax1212.txt
Israeli is World's Under-20 Chess Champ
Two Israelis Slaughtered in Ramallah newsletter: 6fax1213.txt
Israelis Grieve as Tzurs are Buried
Surviving Children Still Hospitalized
Defense Ministry Blames PFLP for Terrorist Attack newsletter: 6fax1216.txt
Rabbinate Beefs Up Meat Supply
Arafat Says He's Not Planning Riots
IDF Hits Hizbullah Terrorists in Lebanon
Artists of the Holocaust Awarded Zussman Prize newsletter: 6fax1217.txt
Hebron Talks May Take Place, or Maybe They Won't
Settlements Could Lead to Civil Unrest
Netanyahu "Chats" with Thousands newsletter: 6fax1218.txt
Jewish Leader Disputes Swiss Claim on Nazi Profits
U.S. Words Express Impatience with Israel
Israel Rejects Clinton's Criticism
Iranian Navy Strengthened by Acquisition of Russian Subs newsletter: 6fax1219.txt
Israelis Reach For Roots
East Jerusalem Construction Canceled
Rare Vertical Graves Found in Jerusalem, Perhaps Essene
Silver Rings of the "Wise Goddess of War" newsletter: 6fax1220.txt
60th Anniversary of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Red Cross Had Access to Concentration Camps
PA Reports Conviction and Sentencing of Tzur Murderers
Palestinian Handling of Terrorists is a Dangerous Sign
Ross Returns to Middle East
Dead Sea is Not so Dead newsletter: 6fax1223.txt
Egypt Supplying Ammunition to Palestinians
Israel May Accept Limited Palestinian State
Bomb Explodes at IDF Bus Stop
Kissinger: U.S. Should Resolve Matter of a Palestinian State newsletter: 6fax1224.txt
Mid-East War Risk Can No Longer be Termed Low
Bethlehem Christmas is Sparse
Immigration is Down newsletter: 6fax1226.txt
Escalation of Tension in Hebron
Teva to Market Copexone in U.S. newsletter: 6fax1227.txt
Parties Optimistic About Hebron
Netanyahu Letter Promised No Further Withdrawals
Iran Seen as Middle East Nuclear Threat
Stress Enables Passage of Materials From Blood to the Brain newsletter: 6fax1230.txt
Netanyahu: We Will Stay in Hebron "Forever--For All Time"
New Palestinian Demands in Hebron
Iran to Support Syria newsletter: 6fax1231.txt
Ramadan Takes Its Toll
Weizman Visits India for New Ties
Hebron Summit Expected
Most of Israel on Strike
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