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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax1101.txt
Arafat Blames Israelis for Intransigence
Hebronite: Jews, Arabs are Like Gasoline and Fire. newsletter: 6fax1104.txt newsletter: 6fax1105.txt
Netanyahu Asks for Foreign Assistance to Avert Terrorist attack newsletter: 6fax1107.txt
How the Election Affects Israel
Arab Reaction to Clinton's Election newsletter: 6fax1108.txt
Israel Will Take Part in Regional Economic Conference
U.S. Companies Flood Israel newsletter: 6fax1112.txt
Internat'l Calls From Israel to be Unmonopolized
Secret U.S. Files: 7 Million Jews May Have Died in Holocaust
Economic Conference Starts Today in Cairo
No Deal Yet on Hebron Withdrawal
Islamic Jihad Targeted Tel Aviv's Shalom Tower newsletter: 6fax1113.txt
Christopher Pushes for Peace
Middle East Economic Conference Calls for Peace newsletter: 6fax1114.txt
Hebron Withdrawal Imminent?
Israel and Arab Businessmen Cuddling newsletter: 6fax1115.txt
Hebron Withdrawal Called Elusive
Hebron Arabs Celebrate Independence Day
Middle East Economic Conference Ends newsletter: 6fax1118.txt
Israeli Supreme Court OKs Torture
Female Circumcision Outlawed in U.S. newsletter: 6fax1119.txt
Ben Gurion's Contemporary Legacy newsletter: 6fax1120.txt
One Year of Palestinian Autonomy
Israeli Policemen Arrested newsletter: 6fax1121.txt
Arabs Caught Before the Act
Auditors Appointed to Hunt Swiss Holocaust Money
Hebron Readies for Israeli Withdrawal
Israel Rejects Criticism of Settlement Policy
Arafat Complains to World Bank newsletter: 6fax1122.txt
Shelter for Arafat
Why is Arafat Procrastinating?
Arafat May Declare Independence
Jewish Senator Visits Assad newsletter: 6fax1125.txt
Israel Faxx
Eight Israelis, Possibly 7 Americans on Hijacked Ethiopian 767 newsletter: 6fax1126.txt
80% of U.S. Jews Haven't Visited Israel
Golan Heights Settlements Will be Expanded
Syria Mobilizes Forces Along Israeli Border
Research by Israeli in China on Prehistoric Humans
Pope Beatifies Austrian Priests Martyred by Nazis newsletter: 6fax1127.txt
World Jewry Seeks Holocaust Gold from Swiss Banks
Fourth Israeli Identified in Comoros
Netanyahu Visits Settlers on West Bank
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