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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan Nov. 4, 1096, 1996 V4, #201 All the News the Big Guys Missed

Psoriasis Treatment Developed

A new treatment has been developed at the Hebrew University for the relief of psoriasis, a skin disease affecting between 1.5 percent and 2 percent of the world's population. Professor Shabtay Dikstein produced an ointment containing a known drug, calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D. The new ointment relieves the itching and sores characteristic of psoriasis and heals them completely within three to six weeks.

US Tracking Syrian Troop Movements

American satellites have detected unusual movement of Syrian units which operate ground-to-ground Scud missiles. The US is reportedly concerned by the movements and the pressure they might bring to bear on Israel.

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai said the Syrian army is planning a large exercise in the coming days, and that the IDF would respond with measures to increase alertness without causing a deterioration in the situation.

For nearly two months, two regiments of Syrian commandos trained in airborne assault have been positioned on the northern slopes of Mount Hermon. Behind them is a crack armored division transferred from Beirut. These are in addition to the three regular Syrian divisions positioned permanently opposite the Golan Heights.

"The Syrians have carried out a chain of events which allow them to cut the time they need to go into action," said former chief of general staff Ehud Barak. "We are now at one of the most sensitive and tense times in the past 15 years." The fear is that if Assad, whose goal is to get the Golan Heights back, feels piece talks are deadlocked, he will opt for a limited military strike which could be used as leverage for this aim. In the wake of such a battle, Assad would expect foreign powers to force Israel to relinquish the Golan.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian paper Al Maggad, reports that according to Iraqi opposition sources, Iraqi military forces, including missiles, are moving towards the Syrian border in response to heightened tension between Israel and Syria. The report added that Iraq is calling up reserves and all roads leading to the Syrian border have been blocked off to allow Iraqi forces a clear route to Syria.
In a related story, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi stated Syria and Lebanon should go to war against Israel to reclaim territory. "Syria and Lebanon have the right to ensure their self-defense and to send their liberate the Golan and south Lebanon," Gadhafi said.

Security Alert in Effect

Police went on alert Saturday night and roadblocks were set up around the country, after the security establishment received what was characterized as "concrete information on plans by the Islamic Jihad to carry out a terror attack." Many checkpoints have been erected on the roads leading to Jerusalem, and IDF troops have been stationed at the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Arabs met in Gaza City on Saturday to commemorate the first anniversary of the killing of Islamic Jihad leader Dr. Fatchi Shakaki, who was assassinated in Malta.

In a message read at the rally, Shakaki's successor, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, wrote: "The Israeli enemy should not forget for a minute that all the world knows that all of Palestine is ours. We will not concede a single meter. Our guns and our weapons will continue to be aimed at our enemies ... until all of Palestine will be liberated," Mahmoud Azahar, a senior leader of the Hamas Islamic terror organization, told the rally.

Who Controls the Temple Mount?

A group from the PLO Authority Waqf has entered the offices of the Jordanian Waqf and demanded its members leave the Temple Mount. Ha'Aretz reported tension between the two religious authorities due to their competition for control over the Temple Mount. The Jordanian Waqf appealed for the help of Israel, which committed in its piece treaty with Jordan to preserve its status at holy sites in Jerusalem.

The prime minister telephoned Yasir Arafat and requested that he restrain the PLO Waqf representatives and return the situation to the status quo. Arafat told Netanyahu that he was not aware of the incident and promised to handle the issue. Arafat also spoke with King Hussein about the incident. The two reportedly reached a solution regarding the tension between PLO and Jordanian religious authorities in Jerusalem.

In another story, the Waqf threatens to close the entry to Hezekiah's Tunnel in Silwan if Israel continues collecting an entrance fee from visitors. They claim that the site is under the responsibility of the Waqf and not the municipality.

The Director of the Jerusalem Region of the Waqf, Adnan Al Husseini held an emergency meeting and sent a letter to the municipality warning that if the municipal workers do not leave the site "we will close the place - because it complicates the complicated situation in the city."

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