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Reactions to the Summit
Christopher Says There Were No Winners
Peres Praises Clinton for Arranging Summit newsletter: 6fax1007.txt
Netanyahu, Arafat Meet With Christopher newsletter: 6fax1008.txt
Talks Continue at Israel-Gaza Border newsletter: 6fax1009.txt
Arafat and Weizman Meet at Caesarea newsletter: 6fax1010.txt
Mideast Shakes, Rattles and Bagels
Welcome to the Palestine International Airport newsletter: 6fax1011.txt
Arafat Implies Another Confrontation
New York Holocaust Museum Planned newsletter: 6fax1014.txt
Peace Talks In Taba are Postponed
Is it a Wonderful Day in Israel's Neighborhood?
New Law Bans Female Circumcision newsletter: 6fax1015.txt
Netanyahu May Meet With Arafat Within 24 Hours
Mubarak Warns of Violence and Disaster newsletter: 6fax1016.txt
Arafat Calls for GIs to Patrol Hebron
Second Italian Trial for Priebke newsletter: 6fax1017.txt
U.S. Hides Holocaust Gold From Relatives newsletter: 6fax1018.txt
Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses? newsletter: 6fax1021.txt
Chirac Arrives in Israel Monday
Hungary to Restore Holocaust Victims' Properties newsletter: 6fax1022.txt
Ross Returns to USA newsletter: 6fax1023.txt
USA and Israel Issue Joint Chanukah Stamp
Hebron Pact Near as Chirac is Harassed newsletter: 6fax1024.txt
Hebron's Arabs Amassing Ammunition Against Jews
Arafat Looks Forward to EU Involvement
Israel Again Closes the Border newsletter: 6fax1025.txt
Nation Marks Anniversary of Rabin's Assassination
Pope Says He Supports Theory of Evolution newsletter: 6fax1028.txt
Netanyahu's Brother-in-law Moving to Hebron
Law Professor Finds Justification for Assassination
Iran Producing Nerve Gas newsletter: 6fax1029.txt
Sonntags Zeitung: "Swiss Dealers Were 'Fences' of Holocaust" newsletter: 6fax1030.txt
Palestinians Mourn 12-Year-Old Rock Thrower
"Uncle Miltie" Honored newsletter: 6fax1031.txt
U.S. Diplomat Visits Slain Boy's Family
Swiss Call Holocaust Money "Pure Fantasy"
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