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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax0801.txt
Beilin Confirms Palestinian Deal newsletter: 6fax0802.txt
Italy Frees Nazi SS Capt. Erich Priebke
Priebke May be Kept From Argentina newsletter: 6fax0805.txt
King Hussein Meets With Assad
Germany May Seek Priebke's Extradition
Cabinet Says Yes to West Bank Settlements newsletter: 6fax0806.txt
Netanyahu Plans to Resume Syrian Talks newsletter: 6fax0807.txt
Syrian Media Rejects "Lebanon First" newsletter: 6fax0808.txt
Assad Says He's Not in a Rush newsletter: 6fax0809.txt
Mubarak Consulting Arab Leaders newsletter: 6fax0812.txt
Arab Leaders Unifying Against Israel
Navy Commissions Muslim Chaplain newsletter: 6fax0813.txt
Netanyahu Proposes Routine Negotiations
Arafat: Some Palestinians "Facing Starvation" newsletter: 6fax0814.txt
Germany Calls for Priebke's Extradition newsletter: 6fax0815.txt
Arafat Wants Clinton to Press Israel
Argentina Pooh-Poohs Car Bomb Theory
Israel, Palestinians Resume Talks newsletter: 6fax0816.txt
Does a Conflict Exist Between Life on Mars and Genesis newsletter: 6fax0819.txt
Violent Bread Riots Engulf Much of Jordan newsletter: 6fax0820.txt
Islamic Terrorists Aiding the Basque
Jewish Studies Controversy at Queens College newsletter: 6fax0821.txt
Israel Test Fires Arrow-2 Missile newsletter: 6fax0822.txt
Levy Messages Assad
Syria: Israel Conducting Hysteria Campaign newsletter: 6fax0823.txt
Arafat on the way out?
Syrian Troop Movements Reported Near the Golan
U.S. Nazi Publisher Sentenced in Germany newsletter: 6fax0826.txt
Arafat to Meet with President Weizman
Nazis Hid $186 Million Worth of Jewish Gold newsletter: 6fax0827.txt
An Eilat-Aqaba-Taba Mega Resort? newsletter: 6fax0828.txt
The Privatization of Israel newsletter: 6fax0829.txt
Arafat: Israel's Actions Constitute Declaration of War
Turkey and Israel Sign Second Defense Pact newsletter: 6fax0830.txt
Palestinians Strike
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