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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax0501.txt
Peres Refuses to Rule Out Iran Air Strike
Clinton-Peres Sign Anti-Terrorist Agreement
Jerusalem Talks Start Sunday newsletter: 6fax0502.txt
Clinton and Arafat Meet Privately
Arafat Pleads for Foreign Aid
Hebron Rabbi Stabbed in Shouk newsletter: 6fax0503.txt
Jerusalem Negotiations Will Start Sunday newsletter: 6fax0506.txt
Jerusalem Talks Start in the Sinai
Wallenberg Identified as OSS Spy newsletter: 6fax0507.txt
Jerusalem Talks May Take More Than Three Years
Israel Rejects UN Report on Shelling of Camp newsletter: 6fax0508.txt
Israeli-Turkish Alliance Worries Syria
Nuclear Weapons Against Libya are Ruled Out newsletter: 6fax0509.txt
U.N. Version of Attack Infuriates Israel
Priebke Nazi Trial Opens in Rome newsletter: 6fax0510.txt
USA 'Fair and Honest' to Israelis and Arabs
Americans Abroad Warned of Attack newsletter: 6fax0513.txt
Arab leaders hold Cairo Summit
Terrorists Attack Israelis in Southern Lebanon newsletter: 6fax0514.txt
Campaigning On Israel TV
Rabbinical Student Slain; Another Wounded newsletter: 6fax0515.txt
Norwegian Observers Arrive in Hebron newsletter: 6fax0516.txt
Labor Campaigner Shot by Likud Campaigner
Jewish Agency Fears Upsurge in Russian Anti-Semitism newsletter: 6fax0517.txt
Arab Israelis Could be Swing Vote
Terrorist Used a Jewish Name to Enter Israel newsletter: 6fax0520.txt
Hizbullah Renews Attacks on Israel
Hamas Angry at Capture of Senior Terrorist
Netanyahu, Peres in Statistically Dead Heat newsletter: 6fax0521.txt
The Religious Want Likud, But May Vote Labor newsletter: 6fax0522.txt
Arafat Arrests Human Rights Activist
Turkey: Israel Pact Shouldn't Alarm Arabs newsletter: 6fax0523.txt
Israel Through Immigration = Israel on the Rise newsletter: 6fax0524.txt
Arafat Calls for Arab Solidarity on Jerusalem
Poll: Peres Ahead by 5 Percentage Points newsletter: 6fax0528.txt
Tomorrow is Peres or Netanyahu
Arrested Palestinian Activist Released newsletter: 6fax0529.txt
Clinton Isn't Endorsing Anybody, But...
It's Neck and Neck Down the Election Stretch
Business Leaders Supporting Labor Party's Peres newsletter: 6fax0531.txt
Netanyahu is Apparent Winner
Sharansky's Olim Party Wins Seven Knesset Seats
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